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Apple CEO John Sculley’s worst ever decision

What was Apple CEO John Sculley’s worst ever decision and what does this teach us?

As part of our ongoing Applied Numerology Research we’ve been investigating Apple’s top leaders, with specific reference to Numerology For Business, a field we’re actively developing to help Strategic Decision Makers make even better decisions. We set about unpacking their core numbers to help you understand that what happened (e.g. Steve Job’s cancer; Steve Wozniak’s quitting in 1985; original co-founder decision to cash in early) and all importantly, why it happened when it did; this will hopefully open your awareness to the truth that what went down, was no “random accident”. The game changing / life shaping events these incredible men experienced, were in fact hardcoded into their life path’s mathematically coded experiential matrix. Importantly, as our detailed research reveals, you must understand that these men attracted each other. Why? To be each other’s greatest teachers and to teach each other very significant lessons (they wouldn’t necessarily have consciously known this at the time, given all the huge egos, personal visions and attainment ambitions in play). This week we focus on Apple’s third CEO [CEO from 1983 to 1993] and ask the question, what was Apple CEO John Sculley’s worst ever decision and importantly, what does this teach us?

This is what is generally considered to be Apple CEO John Sculley’s worst ever decision…

Back in 1985 Sculley turned down an appeal from Microsoft founder Bill Gates to license its software. This decision would later come back to haunt him (he even speaks to this in the above YouTube video) because Microsoft, whose Windows operating system (OS) featured a graphical interface similar to Apple’s, became their toughest competition in the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s. It was during the early-to-mid 90’s, when Apple struggled so much that experts believed the company to be doomed in 1996. Ironically, it was not until 1997, when Apple was desperately in need of an operating system, that it bought out NeXT Software (Jobs’ company) and the board of directors decided to ask for some help from an old friend: Steve Jobs – the very man John Sculley had ousted back in 1985. Karma? Yes, and as we will reveal to you a little later using their 365 Pin Code Co-Joined Relationship Numerology Chart, the karma between these two was real, and clearly visible in their numbers!

Sculley backed PowerPC and not Intel, Big Mistake!

Then, in the early 1990s, Sculley led Apple to port its operating system to run on a new microprocessor, the PowerPC. Sculley later acknowledged such an act was another huge mistake, indicating that he should instead have targeted the dominant Intel architecture. Like his 1985 software licensing blunder, this awful operating system decision would also haunt him forever. That said, as you will learn a little later in this research article, all the early 90’s turmoil he experience was exactly as per his 365 Pin Code Life Path plan; it was clearly coded into his core numerology numbers and so all John Sculley was doing was merely living the experiences that had been prepared for him, from his moment of birth. After a bad first quarter in 1993, amid a personal-computer price war and internal tension over the company’s direction, Apple’s board forced Sculley out. This “we’re going with PowerPC” decision would eventually be reversed in 2005 by his arch-nemesis Steve Jobs. Only in 2006 did Apple switch from PowerPC to Intel. In his keynote address on the 6th of June 2005 at WWDC, Steve Jobs officially stated that the reason for Apple switching from PowerPC-based to Intel-based systems was:

Steve Jobs switched Apple from PowerPC to Intel in 2006

Because we want to make the best computers for our customers looking forward. Now, I stood up here two years ago in front of you and I promised you [a 3 GHz Power Macintosh G5], and we haven’t been able to deliver that to you yet. I think a lot of you would like a G5 in your PowerBook and we haven’t been able to deliver that to you yet. But these aren’t even the most important reasons. The most important reasons are that as we look ahead, though we may have great products right now, and we’ve got some great PowerPC product[s] still yet to come, as we look ahead we can envision some amazing products we want to build for you and we don’t know how to build them with the future PowerPC road map. And that’s why we’re going to do this. When we look at Intel, they’ve got great performance, yes, but they’ve got something else that’s very important to us. Just as important as performance, is power consumption. And the way we look at it is performance per watt. For one watt of power how much performance do you get? And when we look at the future road maps projected out in mid-2006 and beyond, what we see is the PowerPC gives us sort of 15 units of performance per watt, but the Intel road map in the future gives us 70, and so this tells us what we have to do.”

Therefore, in a nutshell, the official reason as provided by Apple is that the PowerPC G5 processor generates too much heat and uses too much energy to be used in the thin, light systems expected to be increasingly used in the coming years. Jobs is quoted saying as much in a MacWorld article, “[The PowerPC G5] simply doesn’t lend itself to PC designs that require low power consumption, such as notebooks and small form factor desktops.” Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller had previously stated that more than half of Apple’s system sales are from laptops, and according to a BusinessWeek report, 53% of all computers sold in the US are laptops. A C|Net report also noted that in the US, notebooks have surpassed desktops in the number of systems sold via retail outlets. This trend was growing rapidly and as such it is not unreasonable to think that Apple has become aware that the PowerPC 970fx (G5), while most will agree was technologically superior, was unable to use this processor in portable systems in the foreseeable future, thereby creating a very serious competition and marketing problem.

Before we delve deep into John Sculley’s numbers and use them to answer the question, what was Apple CEO John Sculley’s worst ever decision and what does this teach us, we need to understand more about this man and setting aside his knives out, bloodbath battle with Steve Jobs (they never ever reconciled…) realise how much he actually achieved at the helm; as we will explain later, John Sculley has a very rare and magical life path number sequence, 22//4; the numbers of The Master Builder…

From the CEO of Pepsi to the CEO Apple

Sculley once told a room of students the story of how Jobs had recruited him as Apple’s CEO in 1983, asking him the now-famous question: “Do you want to sell sugar water all your life, or do you want to change the world?” The Macintosh had not yet been introduced. Computers were sold largely on their technology features. What made Apple different, said Sculley, was its goal to create, in Jobs’ words, an ‘insanely great consumer experience’. “On the one hand,” Sculley told the class, “Apple might have missed something big by not being a technology-licensing company, but that’s not the business we were in. We were in the business of marketing the experience.” That led the Macintosh to become the top-selling personal computer in the world.

Sculley did not see Jobs as a Sensible Business Executive

As Sculley explains it, the problem was Jobs’ “reality distortion field.” Jobs was clearly a genius, but one who never “let the laws of physics get in the way of his ambitions to put a dent in the universe.” He had the brilliance to see the world 20 years ahead of the rest of us but wasn’t yet a sensible business executive. And, in early 1985, he was depressed. Jobs ran the Macintosh division. But his crown jewel, Macintosh Office, introduced in January that year, had rapidly become “the-laughing-stock” of the industry! Jobs had bet everything on this first personal publishing system for non-technical consumers. It fulfilled his vision of an inspiring user experience by connecting a Mac with a laser printer to print a rastered image including fonts. But back computers then didn’t have the processing speed for what was eventually called desktop publishing. Today, even the cheapest computing devices can perform such tasks, because they have greater computational speed than the Cray supercomputers of that era; but Macintosh Office was beyond them then. It took the Mac a minute and a half to rasterise an image on its display and print its beautiful postscript fonts. The Macintosh division was haemorrhaging cash. The Apple II division, which Sculley ran, was doing well and was the only source of the cash flow vital for keeping Apple financially alive.

John Sculley’s Almighty Battle with Steve Jobs

Sculley says that Jobs, blaming him for the sales failure of Macintosh Office, demanded both a $500 reduction in the price of the Macintosh and a transfer of limited marketing funds from the Apple II to Macintosh Office. He refused. Was this Apple CEO John Sculley’s worst ever decision? Sculley and Jobs then asked the board to decide, and, after hearing their arguments and consulting Apple’s most respected engineers, the board removed Jobs as Head of the Macintosh group. The board had previously removed him from the Lisa computer group for the same reason, before Sculley joined Apple, because they found Jobs too difficult to work with. Jobs wasn’t fired, though; in fact, he remained as chairman and was invited to head up any other projects he would like to. Less than four months later, Jobs resigned from Apple and founded NeXT computer — which Apple purchased 11 years later when it hired Jobs back as CEO. What Jobs wanted became possible many years later because technology advances on an exponential curve, an industry standard of progress known as Moore’s Law.

John Sculley achieved much whilst at the helm of Apple

Sales at Apple increased from $800 million to $8 billion under Sculley’s management, although many attribute his success to the fact that Sculley joined the company just when Steve Jobs’ visions and Steve Wozniak’s creations had become highly lucrative. However, his stint at Apple remains controversial due to his departure from co-founder Steve Jobs’ sales structure, particularly regarding Sculley’s decision to compete with IBM in selling computers to the same types of customers. Others say that the “two clashed over management styles and priorities, Jobs focusing on future innovation and Sculley more on current product lines and profitability.” But Sculley ultimately was forced to step down as Apple CEO because he was opposed to licensing Macintosh software and was talking to Goldman Sachs about splitting Apple into two companies. When Sculley left in May 1993, Apple had $2 billion in cash and $200 million in debt. Wow!

With the scene now set, lets apply 365 Pin Code Numerology analytical techniques to John Sculley, born 6th of April 1939 [06.04.1939].

365 Pin Code Numerology Inclusion Chart for Apple’s 3rd CEO John Sculley

What does this analysis of John Sculley’s full birth name, tell us?

His full birth name, John Sculley, has the numbers 2, 4, 5 and 9 completely missing from it. These numbers therefore represent his karmic or key life lessons. If his “missing name numbers” present themselves within his 365 Pin Code Birth Chart (see chart below; please focus only on the LARGE BLACK NUMBERS) their significance or lifelong impact is dramatically lessened. So, let’s unpack this then…

John Sculley’s Birth Chart is a Hot Chart

What is extremely interesting to note in John Sculley’s 365 Pin Code birth chart is the one half (all that to the left of the vertical purple lines, if you will) is a mirror image of the other half (all that to the right of the vertical purple lines, if you will). At 365 Pin Code we refer to a chart like this as “a hot chart” because whatever is going on within (personal) is matched and mirrored without (professional). Therefore, the good times are just brilliant, and, the bad times are positively awful. From this we can deduce that when bad or tough times strike his life, as they did in the early 90’s, their impact will be felt with an extreme intensity both internally (i.e. on a personal level) and externally (i.e. on a professional level). That’s explains why the impact of John Sculley’s firing in 1993 was so severe (it knocked his confidence for a six) and why it took him many years to recover. All this emotional upheaval is clearly revealed further down, in his 365 Pin Code Annual Experience Numbers, AENs…

John Sculley’s Two Life Path numbers are 5 and 4

John Sculley is born in the MM of April. April is the 4th month of the year = number 4. This is his 365 Pin Code Family / Intimate Number. Sculley is born in the YYYY 1939. 1939 = 1+9+3+9 = 22; 22 = 2+4 = 4; 22//4 [the numerology sequence 22/4 is The Master Builder]. This is his 365 Pin Code World / Career Number. And, he has the numerology number sequence 13//4 presenting as his Shadow or Emotional Life Path Number (TSS-LFP; 13//4 – see birth chart below, data blocked off by a back square). John Sculley has the Number 5 presenting itself within his birth chart as both his Shadow Family and Shadow World Numbers. And, he has the numerology number sequence 23//5 presenting as his Life Path Number (TKS-LFP; 1949//23//5 – see birth chart below, data blocked off by a red square). His two life path numbers (very NB to know this!) are 5 (physical) and 4 (emotional) and so whenever this two numbers play themselves out within his 365 Pin Code experiential matrix, much will happen, guaranteed… His full birth name, John (total = 20) Sculley (total = 25) totals 45. 45 = 4+5 = 9. The Number 9 (humanity, serving others, consciousness, universal love, forgiveness, attaching yourself to Higher Causes, the universal laws, philanthropy etc.) is therefore John Sculley’s primary expression number (this is how he would naturally express himself best and most effectively into this world of ours). Having a 9 as his primary expression number helps to offset the impact of this karmic lesson in his life.

John Sculley’s Most Extreme Karmic Lesson lies with the Number 2

Having analysed both his full birth name [FBN] and his bate of birth [DOB], the only karmic lesson number which does not present itself anywhere, is the Number 2 [2, being an emotion-driven feminine energy, links with teamwork, diplomacy, working as the power behind the throne, cooperation, collaboration, supporting others, “we” not “me”, peace, harmony, relationships etc.]. From this we can extract the critical fact that John Sculley, who was Apple’s third CEO who was at the helm of Apple from 1983 to 1993, has as his Primary or Extreme Karmic Lesson, the number 2. Now that we have ascertained this, much begins to open-up, karmic intelligence and relationship numerology wise.

Here’s how Perfectly just “The Universe” really is

Did he not “oust” Steve Jobs in 1985? Yes, he did. So, let’s do the karmic numerology shall we? 1985 = 1+9+8+5 = 23 = 2+3 = 5; 23//5. 1985 is therefore a Number 5 Universal Year and is the number 5 not one of Sculley’s karmic lessons? Yes, it is! Having established that, let’s move on. The year John Sculley was “fired” from Apple, was 1993. 1993 = 1+9+9+3 = 22 = 2+2 = 4; numerology number sequence 22//4. So, 1993 carried within it, the energy of The Master Builder (in the previous paragraph we revealed to you that John Sculley’s World / Career Number is 22//4; perfect synchronicity!) as well as the Number 4. If simplified, 1993 was a Number 4 Universal Year and is the number 4 not also one of Sculley’s karmic lessons? Yes, it is! So, in a nutshell, John Sculley successfully got rid Steve Jobs in a 5 universal year which was presenting his Number 5 karmic lesson and he in turn got fired in a 4 universal year which was presenting his Number 4 karmic lesson. Did we not mention in an earlier paragraph that whenever the numbers 4 and 5 (because they are his two life path numbers!) were in play, much would happen around him? Astonishing, not so? Law of Karma – what goes around comes around – as you sow, so shall you reap! Sculley was instrumental in getting rid of Jobs and he was gotten rid of too – a few years later. Are you connecting the karmic dots yet? Seeing the bigger picture now?

We wish many more top executives and CEOs understood this and mediated deeply on this before engaging in the very destructive powerplay games they seem to love so much! One day they will and when they do, they will all be actively applying 365 Pin Code Numerology intelligence into their every decision-making process.

Let’s take this “Apple Leadership Karma” to a whole different level

Now we want you to focus your mind on the fact that John Sculley’s greatest karmic lesson rests with the Number 2. Was Steve Jobs not born in February, the second (2) month of the year? And, was Steve Jobs not born in 1955 [1995 = 1+9+5+5 = 20 =2+0 = 2] which means he carried the Number 2 as his World / Career Number? Steve Jobs has 2 x 2’s in his birth chart (one in the Family and the other in the World). He was always meant to be John Sculley’s greatest ever teacher, and that’s why the two clashed so badly on literally every front and why, they never reconciled, even when Steve Jobs was in his final days. The karma between these two men, or souls, went extremely deep and was of a very emotional (typical of the number 2) nature.

365 Pin Code Birth Chart of Apple CEO John Sculley born 06.04.1939

Before we move on from his birth chart, let’s unpack it a little more for you. The 3 x 5’s (Shadow Family, Shadow World and Physical Life Path) tell us that he does not do well with being told what to do. Tell (i.e. instruct) a Number 5 what to do and they will go and do exactly the opposite, that’s how stubborn they are and that’s how much they value their personal freedom. Ask what they THINK should be done, and using well-constructed questions, gently and intelligently nudge them in the direction that you want them to go in, and they will pretty much be putty in hand, especially when they get to the point where they think that your idea was actually theirs all along. Now, pause for a moment and think about Steve Jobs. He was an intolerant, abusive, arrogant, brutal, egotistical, narcissistic autocrat. He wanted things done his way, period. See the problem between these two? Next, focus your attention on the fact that John Sculley has 3 x 4’s (Physical Family, Physical World and Shadow / Emotional Life Path). The number 4 energy has lurking within in a hardness, a ruthlessness and a belligerence the likes of which no other number has. When it believes it is right, it is unyielding and if you dare cross it then you have started something, which guaranteed, it will finish. When Steve Jobs had eventually pushed John Sculley’s buttons too, it was game over and given that the number 4 is linked with law-and-order and justice, he would have most likely felt nothing other than relief when Jobs departed Apple.

Using his birth chart data, we need to further build on this Number 2 (emotion-driven feminine energy) karmic lesson, and we do so, using a Pythagoras Square and a Challenge Number Chart. What it reveals about John Sculley is quite astonishing.

365 Pin Code Pythagoras Square for Apple CEO John Sculley born 06.04.1939

In the above chart he scores 4 on the mental plane (this score implies his mental prowess is literally off the charts!) and he scores 0 on the emotional plane. This zero score does not mean that he has zero emotions or that he is completely emotionally disconnected. Quite the contrary. It means he is “emotionally over-connected” and that he is impacted much by emotions, both his and those of the people around him; hence The Arrow of Heightened Sensitivity…

The Arrow of Heightened Sensitivity explained:

Source: The Complete Book of Numerology by Dr David A. Phillips (herein it is referred to as, The Arrow of Hypersensitivity): When no numbers appear on the soul / emotional plane of the chart, varying degrees of emotional problems can arise within man because of his emotional sensitivity. Please be very clear on this fact – the absence of numbers does not imply that the person has no soul, it implies that their soul protection is not strong and so their sensitivity is easily exposed to the outside world which can lead to others cruelly taking advantage of this. People who carry this arrow are easily hurt in the early years before they learn to mask their feelings, to cover up their sensitivity. Their heightened sensitivity can lead to excessive shyness when young and this in turn may result in their developing an inferiority complex. As men, who carry this arrow, mature, they learn to overcome this extremely heightened state of emotional sensitivity and once they have taken control of their emotional world, they usually go on to achieve much success. This arrow gives them a deeply loving and tender nature. They need to guard against developing an outer hardness which is in direct conflict with their relaxed, natural expression. As long as they live, men with this arrow will have to deal with overcoming emotional sensitivity and the best way for them to master this experience / lesson, is through learning how to differentiate between reaction (a spur of the moment response) and positive action (a delayed, outcomes-based response, which is linked with logic and thought and not pure, raw emotion!).

Now that you understand so much much more about this arrow, can you imagine what it must have been like for him to work with Steve Jobs? An absolute nightmare! And that’s why Jobs was always coded to be his greatest teacher and if you will, his emotional nemesis.

Lastly, to reveal to you yet again, how significant the Number 2 is in John’s Sculley’s “numerology challenge number world” we display (below) a rarely used 365 Pin Code Numerology Chart which lists his major lifelong physical and emotional challenges. Both major challenges are 0 and his minor 1 and minor 2 lifelong challenges are linked with the number 2 related. Do not be misled, the zero, does not imply that he will lead a challenge-free life, in fact it implies exactly the opposite. It tells us that he will have a life full of challenges, however, given the presence of the 2’s, tells us that his dominant challenge will forever and always be number 2 (emotion) related.

365 Pin Code Major Lifelong Physical and Emotional Challenge Number Chart for John Sculley born 06.04.1939

Earlier, when we were analysing Sculley’s Inclusion Chart, we mentioned that the impact of his being fired in 1993 was so severe that it took him many years to recover. We then went on to state that all this emotional upheaval was clearly revealed in his 365 Pin Code Annual Experience Numbers, AENs… Now is the time for us to present this data to you… Below is a complex looking data table which reveals unique lines of annual experiential coding. This table belongs to Apple CEO John Sculley. It is constructed using a complex predictive numerology model (see Futurist Numerology, wholly unique to 365 Pin Code) which uses many critically important numbers sourced directly from his Date of Birth [DOB], Full Birth Name [FBN]and Other Data Sources [ODS]. The model delivers lines of code (what we at 365 Pin Code call Annual Experience Numbers; AENs) which as per our exhaustive numerology research have been proven to be bulls-eye accurate. See our fascinating case studies on:

365 Pin Code Table of Annual Experience Numbers (AENs) for Apple CEO John Sculley born 06.04.1939

For the purpose of this focused research article, which is dialling in to karmic lessons and karmic relationships manifesting within the business / career space, the most important numbers for you to focus on, are the RED ones in the light blue column. These are John Sculley’s Annual Experience Numbers or AENs. AENs dictate if you will what the “dominant theme or experience” of the year will be.

He became Apple’s CEO when his No4 Karmic Lesson was in play

In 1983, the year he became CEO, a RED 4 is in play. The 4 is part of a string of 4’s which started in 1982 and lasted through to 1985, the year “he ousted” Steve Jobs and the year when he chose not to go with a software licensing opportunity tabled by Microsoft’s Bill Gates. As you know by now, he has a number 4 karmic lesson (discipline, work, focus, law and order, organising, structure, systems, processes, procedures, justice, getting things done, practicality, no-nonsense approach and no short-cuts ever!). So, during these four years this would have been the general theme(s) in play. The double 4’s (the two red blocks joining the 4’s on either side) in play in 1983 reveal just how much he would have had to focus and knuckle down to get things into an orderly state. In 1985, when Steve Jobs exited Apple, note how the two double 4’s reappear in the year’s line of code! However, this time they are on the right (emotional, intangible), whereas previously they were on the left (physical, tangible). This shows how extremely emotionally draining 1985 would have been on him, both personally and professionally.

1986, 1987 and 1988 are driven by the Number 6 AEN and this links with relationships, responsibility, a sense of community, helping others etc. John Sculley is born on the 6th. As such he has the Number 6 as his personal energy number / vibration. This period speaks to three years during which he would have had a pretty enjoyable time on a personal level, however, in 1987 (not the two RED double 6’s) something would have presented itself experience wise which would have impacted significantly on him, emotionally.

Now, in 1989, the RED AEN 9 appears only once. The number 9 is always associated with closure, endings etc. So, the numbers within that year’s line of code, tell us that this would have been a year which would have brought him endings (the 9), new beginnings (the 1) and very dramatic emotional shifts too (the 9-8 or 8-9 combination in 365 Pin Code Applied Numerology always indicates a dramatic shift of some sort happening!).

From 1990 to 1993 John Sculley’s No2 Karmic Lesson was in frame!

From 1990 through to 1993 (the year he was fired from Apple as their CEO) the AEN 11//2 is in play. This brings Sculley’s number 2 karmic lesson in to play, his most extreme karmic lesson. Karmic lesson periods exist within our life path as either a single year (concentrated experience) or a number of years (more diluted experience), during which we are taught something very profound – and definitely unforgettable. A true moment of enlightenment if you will… The number 2 is linked with cooperation, collaboration, teamwork, supporting others, patience, nurturing, caring, being the power operating cleverly from behind the throne, emotions, relationships etc. Isn’t it fascinating that John Sculley’s number 2 karmic lesson, his most extreme karmic lesson, presented itself during the years when Apple as a company began to run in to serious trouble performance wise? And isn’t it even more fascinating that it should end in 1993, the very year he got fired. That’s why people who think life’s events are random and so uninformed because they are not – this table of data, unique to John Sculley, proves this – everything we experience is in our numbers, its just that we have never chosen to interrogate our numbers deeply enough to understand this truth and to connect with this enlightenment.

Here’s why he took such a huge personal hit after being fired!

Then, from 1994 through to 1998 (5 years) not the RED No 8 AEN in play. Where does John Sculley have the Number 8 presenting in his 365 Pin Code numerology charts? As his Shadow / Emotional Personal Attainment Number (see TSSPE 8 in his birth chart, bottom left corner) and as his Shadow / Emotional Professional Attainment Number (see TSSPR 8 in his birth chart, bottom right corner). This instantly tells us that these 5 years were just awful for him emotionally. Why? Because the experience coding is aligning perfectly with his two emotional attainment numbers, so therefore extreme emotions are in play and given his being fired in 1993, these simply had to be the very worst of emotions. That’s just how things work numerology wise! It’s always in the numbers, but only if you know how to build them and interpret them! Things finally released for him in 1999, with the No 4 AEN presents itself; the end of a very brutal, bruising emotional cycle for this man.

What was Apple CEO John Sculley’s worst ever decision and what does this teach us?

As we close, please remember that John Sculley did many superb things whilst at the helm of Apple. Steve Wozniak, who also exited Apple in 1985, attributed the eventual success of the Macintosh to people like John Sculley who worked to build a Macintosh market when the Apple II went away. And so, the worst decision John Sculley ever made was not to turn down a Microsoft software licensing opportunity gifted to him by Bill Gates in 1985, nor was it to port Apple’s operating system to run on a PowerPC microprocessor in 1990.

The worst decision John Sculley ever made was to oust Steve Jobs the way he did because that went against his greatest karmic lesson and it was this specific karmic action that triggered an equal and opposite karmic reaction for him. Tragically, this also destroy his relationship for good, with this “genial man who was most definitely on a mission to change the world”. No argument, Steve Jobs was one of the most difficult men to ever set foot on this planet, but he was also one of the most visionary, and, he needed John Sculley long-term and John Sculley needed him too! Remember this, literally every person who has changed the world to the extent that Steve Jobs did, is misunderstood and comes with very extreme ways. Why? Because they are internally driven by something that 99.9999% of the world’s population cannot understand; it’s as if deep inside them, is coded a world-changing contract, which must be fulfilled against in this lifetime no matter the cost to them or others.

Had John Sculley understood his 365 Pin Code and what his karmic lessons were, and, had he understood the 365 Pin Code of Steve Jobs and what his karmic lessons were, he may well have handled things quite differently back then… Makes You Think doesn’t it?

And all this Teaches us that Numerology for Business must be taken Seriously…

“Today, every human being lives in a world of information overload, the online world is crammed full of the stuff. Thing is, only a very small percentage of it is accurate and that stuff’s totally boring, the rest is inaccurate and utterly useless. Within the small percentage of accurate information, 1% has great value, and 1% of the 1% is priceless. Did you know that the same cascading principle applies to you and your life? Every day you are being incessantly bombarded by worthless junk (junk info from friends, junk info from family, junk info from social media etc.) which leads to tremendous personal confusion around “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” and “What should I be doing?” and “How on earth do I find my real myself?” You’ve got all this “incessant noise and input” around you telling you who and what you think you should be, why you are here, and how you should be living your life… If you are really serious about finding meaningful answers to these forever burning questions then you need to bullet all the junk that’s stuck to you over the years, and access your bespoke 1% of the 1% (which can only be found inside you, not outside of you). That’s what we at 365 Pin Code Numerology for Business do – we help rid you of your constant confusion and replace it with crystal clarity – and we do this by dialling you at tremendous speed straight into your 1% of the 1%.” – Chris and Suzanne Styles, Founders 365 Pin Code

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South Africa’s state-owned flag carrier is on the brink of financial collapse after it paid only half of staff salaries this month and struggled to secure funds to survive. South African Airways suffered a “sudden deterioration” in its finances after a recent strike grounded flights, Pravin Gordhan, minister for state-owned companies, said on Wednesday. The government is working with the airline “to urgently formulate immediate actions that will be required to provide support to enable SAA to carry on its business”, he said. The airline, once Africa’s largest, may have to file for liquidation if it cannot secure R2bn ($135m) of working capital in the next few days, people familiar with the matter said. SAA needs a government guarantee to borrow the capital from banks but Tito Mboweni, the finance minister, has been reluctant to approve further bailouts. The airline’s fate poses a dilemma for President Cyril Ramaphosa, who has pledged to turn round state companies that were looted under his predecessor, Jacob Zuma.

18 April 2020, Bloomberg

South African Airways plans to lay off its entire workforce after failing to persuade the government to provide more financial aid, a move that threatens to ground the 86-year-old carrier for good. The state-owned airline has offered severance deals to all 4,700 staff from the end of this month after administrators concluded that a successful turnaround is now unlikely, according to a proposal to eight labour groups seen by Bloomberg News. The basic value of compensation will be one-week pay for each year of service and will depend on the successful disposal of assets such as real estate, according to the document. No agreements have been concluded, the Department of Public Enterprises said in a statement. “There are discussions with the unions on alternatives to the current South African Airways business model, success of the business rescue process, and the best possible outcome for the airline’s employees,” it said. SAA is among several state-owned companies to have become technically insolvent without financial assistance from the South African government, following years of mismanagement and corruption scandals — particularly under the presidency of Jacob Zuma, which ended in 2018. The airline has had at least nine chief executive officers in the past decade, hampering attempts at a turnaround, while responsibility for the carrier was passed from the Department of Public Enterprises to the National Treasury and back again.

1 May 2020: Citizen Newspaper

The ministry of public enterprises on Friday said a “new and bold approach” would be required for South Africa to maintain a competitive airlift capacity after the “fog of economic uncertainty” caused by coronavirus. “The creation of a new, dynamic airline, with the correct corporate structure… will allow for the new SAA to compete in the post COVID-19 world,” said the ministry in a statement. “The new national carrier will be well positioned to take to the skies again and contribute to the South African and African economy.” No clear timeline was given for the creation of the “new restructured airline” that will involve both public and private participation. According to the ministry, it will be funded by a range of parties that will allow the state to “continue to play a key role”. Like most South African state-owned enterprises (SOEs), it has failed to make a profit for more than a decade and survives on government bailouts. “The transition to the new airline may require sacrifices,” the statement said, adding that employees “may be displaced”.

The tragic 2020 Collapse of SAA

Now let’s delve into the core number of SAA

To investigate the collapse of SAA numerology wise, we need to understand what the critically important date of birth numbers are for this airline. The chart below carries all these and more.

The three most important numerology numbers are always the two life path numbers (2 and 7 for SAA) and the Birth DD number (1 for SAA). SAA’s Physical Life Path Number, abbreviated as PHY-LFP in the chart below, is the Number 2. What is so important about knowing this number for a given company or business? When the company’s life path number matches the Universal Year Number, much happens, guaranteed. So, given that we know that SAA has a number 2 life path [Life Path Calc = DD+MM+YYYY = 01.02.1934 = 1+2+1934 = 1937 = 1+9+3+7 = 20 = 2+0 = 2; therefore SAA’s life path number (365 pin code physical aspect) is written as 1937//20//2] it means that every Number 2 Universal Year will carry significance [e.g. 2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11 = 1+1 = 2; and 2009 = 2+0+0+9 = 11 = 1+1 = 2; and 2000 = 2+0+0+0 = 2; and 1991 = 1+9+9+1 = 20 = 2+0 = 2; and 1982 and 1973 and 1964 and 1955 and 1946 and 1937].

So, what happened back in 2018 that carried lifepath significance for SAA?

In 2018 it was finally transparently reported that South African Airways, had not made a profit since 2011. The airline’s annual financial statements showed this to be is correct. 2010/11 posted R782million loss. 2011/12 posted R843million loss. 2012/13 posted R1,2billion loss. 2013/14 posted R2,6billion loss. 2014/15 posted R5,6billion loss. 2015/16 posted R1,5billion loss. 2016/17 posted R5,6billion loss. 2017/18 posted R5,7 billion loss. That is a total loss of R23,825billion in just 8 years! How is mismanagement like this allowed without someone ending up in jail? SAA was last in the green in 2010/11, when it made a profit of R782 million. According to the airline, it expected losses to continue in 2018/19 and 2019/20. The airline told parliament that it hoped to break even by 2021.

365 Pin Code Birth Date Numerology Chart for SAA

The tragic 2020 Collapse of SAA

As you will learn shortly, the AEN [Annual Experience Number = the number defining the dominant theme for the business for the given year] for SAA for 2020, is the Number 1. The number 1 is always linked with new beginnings. Given this, we need to look to where the Number 1 significantly (as in the large, bold, black number!) plays itself out in the above birth of SAA. It does so in the company’s ‘personal energy’ number (when the AEN synchs with the company’s personal number, it can never get more personal for the company! See the black 1 in yellow block, top middle of chart) and it also does so in company’s ‘shadow external energy’ number (see the black 1 in the peach block, middle right of chart). Those two points are where SAA’s 2020 AEN 1 will impact most…

365 Pin Code Table of Annual Experience Numbers (AENs) for SAA from 1934 to 2020

The tragic 2020 Collapse of SAA

When dealing with a Business Numerology challenge or being asked to give a futuristic view of a business to decision makers, building a table like this is of paramount importance because it allows you to view the business or company in question, in 4D. Each of the red blocks above indicate a convergence moment in a given year when the AEN, Annual Experience Number, synchs perfectly with either the company’s internal physical year number (I.P.Yr), internal emotional year number (I.E.Yr), external physical year number (E.P.Yr) or external emotional year number (E.E.Yr). And our extensive research has shown that it is important, to pay much attention to the 1-11&2 and 9-11&2 (or 9//11) numerology sequence. When these numerical convergences occur, something significant happens.

The tragic 2020 Collapse of SAA, Numerology for Business, 365 Pin Code

SAA’s 2020 line of business numerology code is wholly unique

Let’s take the year SAA completely collapsed, 2020. As per the above table, 2020 is coded as a Number 1 AEN, which impacts SAA as a company, “in the most personal way given its Birth DD was the 1st” and this SEN 1 impact also synchs with the company’s Shadow External Number (1, SAA’s Birth YYYY being 1934, which reduces down to an 8, hence 8 above, 1 below as per the above birth chart view). Then, if we look at the line of code for 2020, we see the RED block linking the AEN 1 with the 1 in the Internal Emotional Year column. From this we can deduce that the AEN 1 of 2020 (and remember, the number 1 always creates new beginnings) powerfully synchs in three places with the business numerology chart of SAA. No random coincidence then that something massive, and very personal, as in the closure of the airline, happened to in 2020. Analysing the numbers, as per 365 Pin Code business numerology techniques, tells us that something significant was always coded, event wise.

For those of you who are detailed orientated and love to interrogate and unpack numbers and datasets, if you go all the way back to 1934 when SAA was founded, and study the red blocks and lines of code, year by year, you will discover that nowhere between 1934 and 2019, is the 2020 numerology number sequence repeated. Further evidence that that 2020 always heralded a most unique event for this airline.

Embed from Getty Images

As in the tragic collapse of SAA. Its detail like this, which when properly unpacked, allows the owners and strategic decision makers of a company to understand what “type of risk” is coming and when. Once they know this, they can then review their current business operating model against this intelligence and make the necessary changes to mitigate the forthcoming risk. Or not, in the case of SAA and other South African SOEs as these were nothing more than convenient enrichment channels through much cynical personal profiteering could take place.

Our Apple co-founder case studies will blow your mind

If you’re still not convinced that Business Numerology provides the most incredibly accurate strategic planning and thinking insights, then, take a look at these jaw-dropping case studies we did on Apple’s three co-founders, with more 365 Pin Code case studies coming soon, in the way of unpacking the core numbers of all Apple CEOs.

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2020 Numerology Reading for Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner, the Kardashian Momanager extraordinaire

Kris Jenner was born in San Diego, California. She is the first child of Mary Jo Shannon (née Campbell; born 1934) and Robert True Houghton, an engineer. She is of Dutch, English, Irish, German and Scottish descent. Jenner’s first marriage was to lawyer Robert Kardashian (who later became widely known for his early legal representation of O. J. Simpson) on July 8, 1978. They have four children: daughters Kourtney (born 1979), Kim (born 1980), Khloé (born 1984), and son Rob (born 1987). They divorced in March 1991 but remained close friends until his death from oesophageal cancer in 2003. In April 1991, one month after her divorce from Kardashian, Jenner married her second spouse, retired Olympian Bruce Jenner, who publicly came out as a transgender woman in 2015, taking the name Caitlyn. They have two daughters together: Kendall (born 1995) and Kylie (born 1997). Kris Jenner runs her own production company, Jenner Communications, which is based in Los Angeles. Since before the start of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she has managed her daughters’ Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie’s career. She also is involved with the business management of her other daughters and son. We have previously used 365 Pin Code Research analytics to carefully unpack the life path of billionaire Kylie Jenner, with specific reference to the astonishing numerical coding around her falling pregnant in 2017 and giving birth to her daughter in 2018 (1 February 2018 to be precise). In this article we again apply 365 Pin Code futurist techniques and do a 2020 numerology reading for Kris Jenner.

Numerology Numbers and their Meanings

The single-digit numbers, 1 – 9, are the foundation of the discipline of Numerology. Each of these numbers has its own personality if you will, its own strengths, weaknesses and unique quirks. For you to get a good understanding of how the numbers affect or influence us, you need to know each number and its meaning. In numerology, everything works in cycles of 9 (if you want to understand more about this here’s a fascinating piece of work we did on when, as in which year, the world will begin to be released from the impact of Covid-19). The Number 1 is right at the very start of the numerology number line and therefore is always linked with beginnings, leadership and original creation. The Number 9 is at the opposite end of the numerology number line and therefore it is associated with endings, closure and consciously connecting the dots (i.e. assimilating and internalising the learnings) from the past 8 years. In between 1 and 9 lie 2 through 8, and their headline characteristics of meanings, are listed in the table below.

Numerology reading for Kris Jenner, Numerology for Women, Momanager Kris Jenner, KUWTK, s65 Pin Code

Master Numbers 11 and 22 explained in brief

Then, there are the two master numbers, 11 [The Master Visionary Intuitive; operates in the invisible heavens] and 22 [The Master Builder; operates on the physical earth]. For people with the Master Numbers (11 and 22) presenting themselves in significant positions within their charts, understand this… Master Numbers offer you one of two “themed experiences”, either the higher octave experience (i.e. the 11 and / or the 22) or the lower octave experience (i.e. the 2 and / or the 4; 11=1+1=2; 22=2+2=4). Where the master number 11 is in play, so are the ALL the characteristics of the number 1, doubled up (11 = 2×1’s), with the number 2 (i.e. the feminine energy) in support, there to be called upon in need. That is what makes 11 so powerful (the blend of masculine, feminine). If the lower octave 2 experience is mostly in play, you will experience “internal frustration” and have the constant nagging feeling that what you are doing is “always supporting everyone else” and making them the lead / headline act of the show, whilst you rarely get the desired rewards nor the limelight… In the case of the master number 22, which is The Master Builder, if the higher octave is dominant, then you will be in charge of large projects and teams of people who are helping you to get the job done. If the lower octave number 4 experience is dominant, then you will feel unfulfilled, constrained, restricted, boxed-in etc. and that you are working very hard for precious little gain. The number 4 tends to work alone (it’s an energy which prefers “to go solo”), whereas the number 22 works in teams, large groups of efficient people aligned toward a common objective… So, where the number 22 is operating solo, whether by choice or through circumstance, there is always a real risk that it will experience the lower octave 4 and possibly not perform optimally nor feel satisfied…

365 Pin Code Table of Numerology Numbers and their Meanings

Now it’s time to get started with the 2020 Numerology Reading for Kris Jenner. What is presented below, again in Table format, are all Kris Jenner’s critically important numerology numbers. Whenever we do a strategic numerology reading, we first calculate 100 critically important data points. When intelligently pieced together, these collectively form the backbone of The World’s Best Numerology Report brought to you by 365 Pin Code. All this data is then assessed, and the findings leveraged for practical futurist intelligence.

Numerology for Women, 365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Numerology

365 Pin Code Numerology Report (100 Data Points) for Kris Jenner (Part 1)

Numerology reading for Kris Jenner, Numerology for Women, Momanager Kris Jenner, KUWTK, s65 Pin Code

365 Pin Code Numerology Report (100 Data Points) for Kris Jenner (Part 2)

Numerology reading for Kris Jenner, Numerology for Women, Momanager Kris Jenner, KUWTK, s65 Pin Code

365 Pin Code Numerology Report (100 Data Points) for Kris Jenner (Part 3)

Numerology reading for Kris Jenner, Numerology for Women, Momanager Kris Jenner, KUWTK, s65 Pin Code

365 Pin Code Numerology Report (100 Data Points) for Kris Jenner (Part 4)

Numerology reading for Kris Jenner, Numerology for Women, Momanager Kris Jenner, KUWTK, s65 Pin Code

What does all this tell us about Kris Jenner’s 2020 and the years up to 2024?

2020 is going to be a year of extreme upheaval for Kris Jenner. Given the 9-11 (yes, you’re reading that right, as in 9-11, the number combination which almost always heralds a massive collapse…) numerology number sequence in play for her, both personally and professionally (see above data table), 2020 is coded to bring much destruction into her world (makes sense given the global economic collapse which will happen around the coronavirus pandemic). Kris Jenner has a Number 9 life path number and emotional (as in shadow) life path number, so her 2020 Number 9 Annual Experience code will impact her lifepath wise. Whenever this occurs, it always means maximum possible impact! The accompanying 11 will impact her directly in the family space (her Family Number is 11, given Birth MM, Nov = 11). Bottom line is 2020 is going to smash, missile-like, through Kris Jenner’s world and the impact with be both tangible (as in physical loss) and emotional (complete emotional upheaval).

2021 for Kris Jenner is a Concentrated Number 7 Experience

Enter 2021 and the Number 7 pairs up in concentrated format. She has the number 7 as her Balance Number (KMJ initials = 2+4+1 = 7). This indicates a year when as a result of what happened in 2020, she will have been thrown completely off balance and will literally be all over the place. Not even her sole Pythagoras Square birth arrow, which is The Arrow of Determination (operating at Level 7 intensity, the highest score ever posted for this arrow in all the years of research we’ve done) will be able to keep her balanced and together. In 2021 she will literally be stumbling around in the dark, desperately seeking for meaningful spiritual answers, because that’s what a concentrated double 7 experience does. It brings about massive material loss in order to shock (with tremendous severity) the person out of their worldly physical material mind, into their cosmic spiritual mind. Kris Jenner’s birth chart has two sunk or shadow emotional 7’s (Shadow Family 7; Shadow World 7). So that’s exactly where 2021 will hit birth chart coding wise.

2022 for Kris Jenner is a Concentrated Number 8 Experience

Enter 2022 and another concentrated 365 Pin Code Numerology AEN experience, this time driven by the Number 8. Given that her full married name, Kristen Mary Jenner carries zero 8’s within it, the Number 8 represents a karmic lesson for her. The number 8 is also completely missing from her headline birth chart numerology numbers. Therefore, if you will, 8 (money, power, status, business, wealth etc.) represents the “mother of all karmic lessons” for Kris Jenner. Given her 2022 numerology line of code, it will be a year of extreme financial loss both for her and all those who are linked to her business wise. Its never pleasant to see much tragedy like this in the person’s numbers, but it is what it is, we are all here to learn our karmic lessons and learn them we will, guaranteed.

2023 for Kris Jenner is a Concentrated Number 5 Experience

2023 is again another concentrated AEN experience, driven by the Number 5, indicating a year of extreme change. Kris Jenner is born on the 5th therefore her numerology coding for 2023 will impact right in her personal number or vibration, which is the number 5. Bottom line is, it does not get more personal than this! From 2020 through to and including 2023 it will feel as if she has lived an entire lifetime in just 4 years. Four hugely concentrated experiences like this mean one of two things, either phenomenal success or complete ruin, and given how her 365 Pin Code numbers stack up, antagonistically, sadly, it is the latter.

Numerology for Women, 365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Numerology

Where to now for Kris Jenner?

Only in 2024 will things begin to turn for her emotionally. Remember the way this Universe of ours works, is as within so without. As such, only when a significant internal or emotional changes or shifts happens, can the external environment follow. Given the numerology research work we’ve done on coronavirus, and the hard, global economic reset which it is forcing upon us (and will continue to do right through to 2026), this 2020 numerology reading for Kris Jenner issues an extreme warning to her.

Much, in the way of business trouble, is on its way. It is all there, in her numbers.

And, if you doubt the above numbers and their validity, then just have a look at the annotated table (another completely different numerology build) for her maiden name, Houghton. The same timeline applies when modelling her world using this surname, indicating that exactly as per the previous Jenner-based charts, the economic upheaval she’s going to experience will only turn in 2024, when the 26//8 numerology number sequence kicks in (see below). Kris Jenner has little time left to plan for this upheaval. Best she gets working on her business risk mitigation strategies right away.

365 Pin Code Year on Year lines of experience code for Kris Houghton (Kris Jenner)Numerology reading for Kris Jenner, Numerology for Women, Momanager Kris Jenner, KUWTK, s65 Pin Code

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John Steenhuisen really gets going in 2028

How long until the Dark Tides of despair Turn for South Africa?

Of late, I have watched John Steenhuisen with tremendous interest. What impresses me much about him is that he has real fire in the belly, an incredibly quick mind, and, the ability to rapidly assimilate much information, process it, analyse it and then argue it, intelligently and sarcastically! This all flows from his being born on the 25th which is one of the sharpest energies I have ever worked with and analysed. Steenhuisen has taken on the ANC lockdown, with guns blazing, which makes a wonderful change from his predecessor who, tragically, proved to be little more than a rudderless, uninspiring, damp squib whose inane platitudes cost the DA dearly. Given the economic horror show happening right now in South Africa around “the terrifying 2020 coronavirus pandemic” many South Africans are looking expectantly to this brave and intelligent man to provide a beacon of light, a ray of hope if you will. To be the leader of a powerful opposition which the country so desperately needs. To challenge hard and to take no prisoners! Given this, I felt it prudent, using 365 Pin Code research techniques, to analyse this intriguing man and to shed much needed light on whether he will be able to turn things quickly and help reverse the economic devastation created by the ANC. As you will discover through the data charts and tables which follow, John Steenhuisen really gets going in 2028. What you also need to know is than until then it’s a severe uphill battle for him, with the years 2020 through to 2025 being the most difficult by far.

About John Steenhuisen

Elected interim DA leader in November 2019, John, previously served as the Chief Whip of the Official Opposition from May 2014 to October 2019. John has been a public representative for over 20 years. He has been serving as a Member of the National Assembly since July 2011. Prior to his appointment to the National Assembly, he was involved with the politics of KwaZulu-Natal first being elected as a councillor in Durban at the age of 22 and serving as the Provincial Leader of the DA and the party’s caucus leader in the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature.

“Zuma talked a lot about iron and steel markets today. Well let me tell you something, he likes to iron over our problems, and steal all our money.” John Steenhuisen

Numerology and Politics, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, Numerology for Business

What do John Steenhuisen’s numbers reveal about 2020 and the years beyond?

To answer this question, we are going to fast-forward straight into the details of the applied numbers-based research which 365 Pin Code does. Immediately below (see Table 1) is a complex data table wherein lie all the lines of annotated experience code which we have calculated for Steenhuisen, from 2004 through to 2038. This data table is constructed using a complex predictive model wholly unique to 365 Pin Code. The model deploys critically important numbers sourced directly from his Date of Birth [DOB], Full Birth Name [FBN] and Other Data Sources [ODS]. The model delivers lines of code (what we call 365 Pin Code Annual Experience Numbers; AENs) which have been proven to be bulls-eye accurate. Don’t believe us? Then please go have a look at the mind-blowing data sequences we published around the “not-so-random surfacing” of Steve Jobs’ pancreatic cancer back in 2004.

“Cyril watched and remained silent. He bottled every opportunity to stand up to state capture and actually do something decisive. Never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity, he voted slavishly every time to keep Zuma despite the brutal judgements of the Constitutional Court. The last thing it needs is more weak and vacillating leadership and fair-weather principles that have become the hallmarks of the Ramaphosa brand.” John Steenhuisen

Table 1: 365 Pin Code Annual Experience Numbers for John Steenhuisen born 25.03.1976

John Steenhuisen really gets going in 2028, Numerology and Politics, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, Numerology for Business

The above table reveals interesting moments along the life path of John Steenhuisen. He has a Number 6 life path [DOB is 25.03.1976 = 25+3+1976 = 2004 = 2+0+0+4 = 6; Relationships, Responsibility, Community, Serving Others etc.]. Life significant years are always the most important ones in a person’s life. From the above table we can see that 2005 through to 2009 were life path significant years for Steenhuisen. As are 2026 and 2027. 2036 will provide him with a concentrated (as in one year only) life path experience therefore guaranteed this is a year when much will happen.

“It’s grotesque that Zuma could have an increase in salary. The truth is, the President of SA drove over us all with a bus. Last December, he put that bus in reverse and backed over all of us. He then crashes that bus, then comes to the taxpayer – with his cap in hand – asking for a raise. We say no.” John Steenhuisen

In 2010, if you look to the extreme left of his line of code, you will see the numbers 25 and 7. John Steenhuisen is born on the 25th and 25=2+5=7, hence numerology sequence 25//7. Whenever I see an annual line of code which perfectly matches the study subject’s Birth DD [see Chart 1 below, his 365 Pin Code Birth Chart], I know that this was a year which impacted on them, in the most personal way! Given the numbers in play that year, most of which are antagonistic combinations, as in 4&7, 7&11 and 6&7, I know for sure that 2010 would have impacted adversely on Steenhuisen with the 11&2 revealing much personal emotional upheaval.

“The ANC has lost all credibility. And I’ll leave with the words of Dante, who said that “the darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain neutrality in times of moral crisis” – shame on you all.” John Steenhuisen

John Steenhuisen really gets going in 2028, Numerology and Politics, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, Numerology for Business

His only karmic lesson, centres around the Number 4 (this is the only number missing from his full birth name, see Chart 2 below). The number 4 deals with work, focus, discipline, justice, law and order, systems, building step by step (as in no shortcuts!), planning, structure etc. From 2011 through to 2013 his number 4 karmic lesson would have been in play (driven by the backing number 22, as in The Master Builder). This Annual Experience Number 22//4 karmic lesson makes its appearance again in 2028, lasting through to 2030. Steenhuisen has as his Primary Expression Number, the number 4 (again, see Chart 2 below for calculation details), so whenever this 22//4 AEN appears in his 365 Pin Code life path coding, it also heralds a time when his Expression Number is in play, and that is usually a very positive signal. It is this specific data set, as in 2028 to 2030 which leads us to deduce that John Steenhuisen really gets going in 2028.

Why not earlier you might ask? Let’s explain why…

Table 2: 365 Pin Code Annual Experience Numbers for John Steenhuisen born 25.03.1976

John Steenhuisen really gets going in 2028, Numerology and Politics, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, Numerology for Business

This table is an extract from the larger one above and brings into frame the years 2017 through to 2030. If you look at 2018 to 2022, you will notice (left, column 1 and 2) the number sequence 16 and 7 in play. 16//7 defines Steenhuisen’s AEN for these 5 years. The number 7 tells us that these years will impact massively on him (remember his Birth DD is 25th which reduces down to a 7), However, what is disastrous is the 16. The 16 always heralds a most difficult time underpinned by extreme responsibility which is being constantly eroded if you will, through deeply troubled relationships. The upshot of this 16, is the searching (as in this is what the number 7 does) for answers. Much as I hate to say this, 2020 through to and including 2022, are coded to be a nightmare for Steenhuisen. Intelligent people therefore need to extract this further into the unfortunate truth that the same holds true for the country of South Africa.

“What’s the point in having a policy on corruption if it isn’t applied? Not one person has been charged for state capture. Where is the accountability? It’s no use having a schizophrenic approach; you’re so divided, it’s hard to know what side of the debate ANC are on.” John Steenhuisen

Numerology and Politics, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, Numerology for Business

2025 brings an extreme year for Steenhuisen through Karmic 14//5

2023 and 2024 will see many dramatic shifts and endings in Steenhuisen’s world. 2025 brings much change (as in the concentrated AEN 14//5, which usually talks to an environment where the general experience is the feeling of loss of personal freedom, being boxed in, confined). 2026 and 2027 bring two life path significant years, so guaranteed much will happen then, and come 2028, Steenhuisen begins to powerfully rebuild through his expression number. Much as it may not please South African’s to read this, analysing this inspiring man’s numbers tells a powerful story, and the narrative is, that South Africa is in a very dark phase of its history which will last from 2020 through to 2025 [2025 = 2+0+2+5 = 9; a Number 9 Universal Year, the end of the numerology cycle of 9]. Only in 2026 will things begin to turn, but this turn-around takes time. Until then, this country is going to be in complete chaos with the darkest years being the ones the people of the country are in right now.

2031 to 2035 link with Steenhuisen’s Sun or Personal Attainment Number, 1

If you return to Table 1, you will note that from 2031 through to 2035, his life path if governed by the AEN 19//1, which brings his Personal Attainment or Sun Number [Number 1, see TKSPE 10//1 in Chart 1 below) firmly into play, indicating 5 years during which he will be very powerful, successful and leading. If he is still involved with politics, and in powerful leadership role, this I believe, signals the years when South Africa starts to really turn for the better, because try as I may, I cannot ever see South Africa improving whilst the ANC (as in its current format) are in power. Just too much smoke and mirrors and too much corruption.

“Anyone who is in the business of making knee-pads will be making a fortune, what with all the praying going off on these ANC benches. Because they know they won’t be coming back here after the next election.” John Steenhuisen

Numerology and Politics, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, Numerology for Business

Conclusion – smokescreens everywhere!

This coronavirus pandemic is being blown way out of proportion. No doubt it is a very nasty virus, but for the South African government to be acting in the draconian way it has the last while, leaves me cold. Right now, nothing makes any sense to the logical thinker, and everything seems to be a smokescreen. Therefore, the only deduction I can make, is that all is not as it seems and that there are other deeply sinister agendas in frame. One of which might be a brilliantly hatched plan to cynically cripple entrepreneurial, business owning South Africans. Why? Because once these people have lost their businesses, they have lost their ability to earn.

The domino-effect of this is that they in turn, will lose everything they have, including property and, all importantly, much land. Are we in fact dealing with land grabbing, not done brute force Zanu-PF style but done through forcing economic ruin upon those who currently benefit much from owning and utilising land in South Africa? Could land indeed be the primary motivating hub around which the current Covid-19 ridiculousness spins? Only time will tell, but guaranteed, there is an agenda and it will out, soon! We at 365 Pin Code warned you of this in an article taken live in September 2019, which predicted a decade of chaos for South Africa, so, please be prepared.

As for this research article, the finding is that John Steenhuisen really gets going in 2028, as in starting to rebuild with a master builder [as in Numerology No22] type plan. That said, these are still very difficult and challenging years for him. Steenhuisen comes into his own in 2031 (to be precise, 2031 to 2036). Until then, the numbers show much devastation, loss, suffering and hardship for the people of South Africa. Stay strong John Steenhuisen – South Africa needs you – and your time will come.

Appendix of Important Charts for DA Leader, John Steenhuisen

Chart 1: 365 Pin Code Birth Chart for John Steenhuisen, born 25.03.1976

what 2020 has in store for Apple CEO Tim Cook, Futurist Numerology, Numerology for Business,

His Personal Energy and World / Career Energy is the Number 5 – the thinker who challenges! His Family Energy is the Number 3, the creative, inspirational, communicator. Fire energy. South Africa needs him – a fiery thinker who has as his life path number, a 6, bringing a sense of community and much responsibility into play!

Chart 2: 365 Pin Code Full Birth Name Analysis for John Henry Steenhuisen

John Steenhuisen really gets going in 2028, Numerology and Politics, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, Numerology for Business

The name John Henry Steenhuisen has: 3×1’s, 1×2’s, 1×3’s, 0x4’s, 8[6]x5’s, 1×6’s, 1×7’s, 3×8’s, 2×9’s ; His ONE and only Karmic / Key Life Lesson centres around the Number 4 (Work, Focus, Discipline, Planning, Organising, Persistence, Justice, Law & Order etc.)… Note that 2020, a No4 Universal Year [2020=2+0+2+0=4] synchs with his karmic lesson; His Subconscious Self Number is 8 (Leading Others, Status, Power, Authority, Providing Stability etc.); His Hidden Passion Number is 5 (Creating Change, Enabling Personal Freedom, Challenging the Status Quo etc.).

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What 2020 has in Store for Apple CEO Tim Cook

We research Apple’s Current CEO, Tim Cook

We recently published a very lengthy research article on why 2020 was proving to be such an awful year for everyone. In keeping with this theme, we now have yet another look at the numbers to see what 2020 has in store for Apple CEO Tim Cook. This is part of a bigger research exercise which we are conducting into Apple’s three co-founders and all their CEO’s. At 365 Pin Code we specialise in building line of annual experiential code, for people and for companies. This, if you will, provides much forward looking or futuristic intelligence. It also allows people to make much sense of the now, as in what is happening this minute / this year, and, our work also allows for a retrospective or “what happened in the past” view which helps people to make sense of past events, to connect the dots. In this article you will learn that Tim Cook’s line of code for 2020 is identical to what it was back in 2011, the year he became CEO and Steve Jobs tragically died from pancreatic cancer. What is this telling us / him about how his 2020 will be and, importantly, given the global economic chaos caused by coronavirus, what do the next few years of his look like?

About Tim Cook

Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple and serves on its board of directors. Before being named CEO in August 2011, Tim was Apple’s chief operating officer and was responsible for all of the company’s worldwide sales and operations, including end-to-end management of Apple’s supply chain, sales activities, and service and support in all markets and countries. He also headed Apple’s Macintosh division and played a key role in the continued development of strategic reseller and supplier relationships, ensuring flexibility in response to an increasingly demanding marketplace. Prior to joining Apple, Tim was vice president of Corporate Materials for Compaq and was responsible for procuring and managing all of Compaq’s product inventory. Previous to his work at Compaq, Tim was the chief operating officer of the Reseller Division at Intelligent Electronics. Tim also spent 12 years with IBM, most recently as director of North American Fulfillment where he led manufacturing and distribution functions for IBM’s Personal Computer Company in North and Latin America. Tim earned an MBA from Duke University, where he was a Fuqua Scholar, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Auburn University.

what 2020 has in store for Apple CEO Tim Cook, Futurist Numerology, Numerology for Business,

What 2020 has in Store for Apple CEO Tim Cook…

To answer this question, we are going to fast-forward straight into the details of the applied numbers-based research we do. Immediately below (Chart A) is Tim Cook’s date of birth analysed. Beneath it (Chart B) is his full birth name analysed. And, beneath that you will find Table 1, wherein lie all the lines of annotated experience code which we have calculated for Tim Cook from 2000 through to 2030. This data table is constructed using a complex predictive model (Futurist Numerology) which is wholly unique to 365 Pin Code. The model deploys critically important numbers sourced directly from his Date of Birth [DOB], Full Birth Name [FBN] and Other Data Sources [ODS]. The model delivers lines of code (what we call 365 Pin Code Annual Experience Numbers; AENs) which as per our exhaustive Numerology Research have been proven to be bulls-eye accurate. Don’t believe us? Then please go have a look at the mind-blowing data sequences we published around the “not-so-random surfacing” of Steve Jobs’ pancreatic cancer back in 2004.

Chart A: 365 Pin Code Numerology birth chart for Timothy Donald Cook, born 01.11.1960

what 2020 has in store for Apple CEO Tim Cook, Futurist Numerology, Numerology for Business,

Tim Cook has a Number 1 life path, The Natural Leader

The above birth chart contains loads of datapoints with abbreviations to help you understand (see the abbreviation key) what they are. The four most significant datapoints are his known or physical life path number [TKS-LFP; 1972//19//10//1; Number 1], his shadow or emotional life path [TSS-LFP; 17//8; Number 8], his personal number [Birth DD; 1st; Number 1] and his Personal Attainment Number also sometimes referred to as his Sun Number [TKSPE; 12//3; Number 3]. His Number 1 life path demands that he must learn to be original, strong-willed, creative and innovative. He needs to have the courage and drive to venture into new fields and be a pioneering leader. There are times in life when he may appear stubborn, even dictatorial. Understand, this is necessary, because the number 1 life path demands that its owner keep moving forward no matter the personal cost and that he never allow himself to be restricted. By learning the lessons of the number 1, he will become intimately familiar with the GOD [as in Grand Organised Design] energy, that probing, seeking, independent, innovative spark that moves all creation forward. That he is born on the 1st will only serve to amplify his number 1 life lesson journey.

Futurist Numerology, Numerology for Business,

Tim Cook has a 12//3 Sun Number [The Powerful, Diplomatic, Creative]

His number 12//3 personal attainment [SUN] number, as in the 3 working through the 1 to achieve the base number 3. The number 12 sun number person has accumulated much inner strength through their unique experiences. Their thoughts are centred in spiritual analysis rather than judgement of others. They have a perfect tolerance for divergent beliefs, philosophies and lifestyles, and yet you walk in all things contrary to the world. They know that reality is an illusion and illusion, reality. 12 people epitomize wisdom and so they naturally attract others who gravitate to them and their courageous presence of mind, for guidance and peace.

Chart B: 365 Pin Code Numerology full birth name Analysis, Timothy Donald Cook

what 2020 has in store for Apple CEO Tim Cook, Futurist Numerology, Numerology for Business,

Tim Cook, Apple’s 7th CEO, has 1 x 1’s, 3 x 2’s, 2 x 3’s, 3 x 4’s, -1 x 5’s (normalised value), 4 x 6’s, 1 x 7’s, 1 x 8’s and 1x 9’s in his full birth name. He has ONE karmic lesson: the number 5 [the 5-senses, change, freedom, adaptability, flexibility, adventure, decision-making, magnetism etc.]. His Subconscious Self is Number 8 [9-1=8; money, power, business, status, authority, wealth, organising on a grand scale, leading others etc.]. His Balance Number is 9: serving others, connected to higher causes, universal love, philanthropy, humanity, consciousness etc. His Expression Number is 78//15//6. This tells us that the number 6 is how he expresses himself into this world, which is with and through relationships, responsibility, a sense of community, grace and gratitude, helping others, retaining the importance of a sense of family. The 6 has as its backing number 15, which is the 5 (change, challenging the status quo, looking for adventure etc.) expressing itself or working through the 1 (the individual, the leader, the bold brave one, the original creator etc.) to deliver or achieve the base number 6.

Table 1: 365 Pin Code AENs [Annual Experience Numbers] for Apple CEO Tim Cook born 01.11.1960

what 2020 has in store for Apple CEO Tim Cook, Futurist Numerology, Numerology for Business,

For the data-junkies, who love to study data sets, we have unpacked Tim Cook’s life path, Annual Experience Numbers [AENs; RED numbers in light blue column] wise from 2000 through to 2030. The abbreviations used in the annotations made in the right-hand column, link with those listed in his Birth Chart (Chart A) and Name Chart (Chart B).


For the purposes of this article, What 2020 has in Store for Apple CEO Tim Cook, we will focus on his 2020 line of code: 2020[year]-7-7-4(13)-1-10-60[Age]-12-3-4(13)-5-5… Before we unpack this line of code, we want to draw your attention to the fact that this was exactly the same line of code [see the two purples blocks in the Table] he had in play back in 2011, the year he became Apple’s 7th CEO, the year Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer. This instantly tells us that if 2011 [a Number 4 Universal Year; 2011 = 2+0+1+1 = 4] was an awfully challenging year for him, so too will 2020 [also a Number 4 Universal Year; 2020 = 2+0+2+0 = 4].

what 2020 has in store for Apple CEO Tim Cook, Futurist Numerology, Numerology for Business,

2020 is coded to be a massively challenging year for Tim Cook

On a personal physical level, the 7-4 numerology sequence does not bode well. Our research has revealed these two numbers to be antagonistic and when in play, to deliver a most extreme year, usually negative. The number 4 links with extremely hard work, demanding practicalities, a resource-constrained environment, and being severely “boxed-in” by everything, which limits innovative creativity. The number 7 links with a challenging mental and spiritual quest, seeking answers to deeply troubling questions / challenges. This 4-7 combination if not managed properly, will lead to extreme mental exhaustion, even physical collapse. His 4-1 personal emotional numerology sequence indicates the beginning of a new emotional cycle (as in 1, the start) and again, the number 4 and 1 do not go well together. Bottom line is 2020 is coded to be an extremely tough year for Tim Cook, personally. So, what about his professional coding for 2020? The 3-4 which is an abrasive combination, reveals much professional physical strife between the need for creativity (3, having fun) and getting things done (4, drudgery). His 4-5 professional emotional combination, brings another massively antagonistic number set into play, 4 being work, focus, discipline, systems, conservatism, law and order, and 5, the exact numerology opposite of 4, being freedom, adventure, change, free-thinking, expansion, growth etc. From his 2020 line of code we can deduce that 2020 is going to be a very demanding and difficult year for Tim Cook, possibly even best summed up as: completely awful. His 2020, which is driven by AEN 4, has as its backing number 13. 13//4 always signals a moment life path wise, of karmic rebirth, hence the 13 in tarot major arcana, being the Death card. During years which are driven by 13, much will collapse around you, and you may feel extremely restricted creativity wise. There may even be a string of results which are very disappointing. So be it, the 13 is there to remind you to shed all that which is not necessary, to if you will, severely prune the tree, to go back to basics and to stick to what works and makes money with massive heavy lifting!

And what about the years that follow 2020?

Tim Cook’s 2021 has as its AEN the numerology sequence 15//6. If you care to scroll back to his birth chart (Table A) and look to the bottom left corner, you will see 15//6 as his Shadow Personal Attainment Number [TSSPE]. This tells us that 2021 will impact him massively and place extreme responsibility in his shoulders (hence the Double 6 red block, professional emotional, in his 2021 line of code). No doubt, this is the fall-out or aftershocks of the disastrous 2020. From this we know that during 2020 Apple will experience an all-time low in some shape or form. This unexpected shock will in turn, will be felt by him, severely emotionally. 2020 through to 2024 are driven by AEN 8 [17//8 to be precise]. This brings FOUR critically important numerology points into play for Tim Cook. 1: His surname, Cook, totals 17//8 [see Chart B], an exact match, therefore these 3 years have spiritual / ancestral significance / impact. 2: His Shadow Life Path [TSS-LFP, Chart A] is also an exact match, which tells us that these 3 years will have emotional life path significance, it does not get more emotional than this! 3: His Professional Attainment Number [TKSPR, birth chart, Chart A] is an 8. 4: His Shadow Personal Number [see Chart A, 8 middle bottom] is also an 8.

Futurist Numerology, Numerology for Business,

What can we deduce from Tim Cook’s 365 Pin Code numerology?

Bottom line is, when things go wrong, they go wrong in a big way. Tim Cook [and therefore, by default, Apple] is steering into the perfect storm. Things it will only turn in H2 of 2026 or 2027 at best. If this is what is on its way numbers wise for Apple, then can you even begin to think what the global economic fall-out over the next 6 to 7 years will be? All this global chaos, in fact, a complete meltdown, will be as a result of the disruptive coronavirus, also known as The Chinese Virus, a virus which is now proving to be everything but the “killer pandemic” which we were originally led to believe it would be by Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and the WHO! Its impact however, economy wise, is the stuff nightmares are made of. Makes You Think doesn’t it, especially as to Why 2020 is such an Awful year?

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Will Jacinda Ardern win the 2020 General Election?

The 2020 New Zealand general election will be held on 19th September

The 2020 New Zealand general election will be held after the currently elected 52nd New Zealand Parliament is dissolved or expires. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced the election date as Saturday 19 September 2020. The question on many people’s minds is, will Jacinda Ardern win the 2020 General Election? As the four opinions below attest, her winning a second successive term hangs precariously in the balance. Thanks to Covid-19 and the quantum economic shift it has created, New Zealand is rapidly sliding into a deepening economic crisis / recession, with leading economists saying that the government now has a massive fiscal repair job on its hands, possibly the biggest ever. Voter sentiment generally, is that when poor economic results like these present themselves around election time, there is no other option than to punish the ruling party of the day and hope that the opposition party will do a better job and turn the tide. In an effort, to provide a different, numbers only perspective on this burning question, we’ve applied 365 Pin Code Analytics to Jacinda Ardern’s core numbers and what we’ve found, especially with regards to her 2021, is quite astonishing! No doubt 2020, 2021 (especially!) and 2022 are going to be extreme years, both for her and for the people of New Zealand, however, come 2023, things will turn, for the better. This piece of research helps to expand the intense R&D work we’re doing this year, especially with regards to better understanding Numerology For Women.

“One of the criticisms I’ve faced over the years is that I am not aggressive enough or assertive enough, or maybe somehow, because I’m empathetic, I’m weak. I totally rebel against that. I refuse to believe that you cannot be both compassionate and strong.” Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand Prime Minister

Will Jacinda Ardern win the 2020 General Election?

Opinion 1: By Suze Wilson for The Conversation

Your decisions affect the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people, resulting in huge economic disruption, mass layoffs and business closures. Imagine you must act quickly, without having complete certainty your decisions will achieve what you hope. Now imagine that turning your decisions into effective action depends on winning the support of millions of people. Yes, you do have enforcement capacity at your disposal. But success or failure hinges on getting most people to choose to follow your leadership – even though it demands sudden, unsettling, unprecedented changes to their daily lives.

Jacinda Ardern is giving most Western politicians a masterclass in crisis leadership

This is the harsh reality political leaders around the world have faced in responding to COVID-19. As someone who researches and teaches leadership – and has also worked in senior public sector roles under both National and Labour-led governments – I’d argue New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is giving most Western politicians a masterclass in crisis leadership. Of course, not everything has been perfect in New Zealand’s or Ardern’s COVID-19 response. Ongoing, independent scrutiny of the government’s response is essential. But as my own research has argued, expecting perfection of leaders, especially in such difficult circumstances, is a fool’s errand. It’s never possible. Nor should we allow the “perfect” to become the enemy of the “good” when speed and enormous complexity are such significant features of the decision-making context. Whether you’re comparing Ardern’s performance against other Western leaders, or assessing her efforts using researchers’ measures of leadership excellence, as a New Zealander I think there is much to be grateful for in how she is leading us through this crisis.

Opinion 2: By Joshua McDonald for The Diplomat

In late 2016, few people outside of New Zealand knew who Jacinda Ardern was and she seemed to want to keep it that way. Poll after poll showed a major loss in confidence among voters and so the party’s leader, Andrew Little, resigned – just seven weeks out from an election. Ardern, who said she only heard of Little’s decision to step down on her way into parliament that day, was unanimously elected in his stead. “Everyone knows that I have just accepted – with short notice – the worst job in politics,” she told reporters. “The circumstances may not be what Labour had planned for this campaign, but that has not weakened my resolve, or my focus.” Despite having previously wanted to avoid the spotlight, Ardern used her time in it wisely. She brought the issues she had always championed, such as child poverty, the housing crisis, social inequality, and climate change, to the forefront of her campaign.

Ardern became the country’s third female prime minister

Within weeks, Labour rose in the polls from a historical low of 24 percent under Little to 43 percent under Ardern – the first time the party had a lead on the then-ruling National Party in over a decade. While it was an incredible turn around, it wasn’t enough to secure an outright win. Labour, along with the Greens, won 54 seats, while the National party came out with 57. The close result left New Zealand First, a minor right-wing party that had won nine seats, in a kingmaker position. New Zealand First leader Winston Peters took advantage of the situation to form a government with Labour and the Greens, with himself as deputy prime minister and Ardern as prime minister. In throwing his support behind Ardern, Peters said, “It’s time for capitalism to regain its human face.” That made Ardern the country’s third female prime minister, the youngest prime minister in more than 150 years – and, as of June 2018, the second elected leader in modern history to give birth while in office. Unemployment has dropped to its lowest rate in 12 years. Paid parental leave has been extended from 18 to 22 weeks. New Zealand became the first country in the world to enshrine its commitment to the Paris agreement into law. Under the Child Poverty Reduction Act her government claims to have lifted between 50,000 and 70,000 children out of poverty and in May 2019 Ardern, to much acclaim, unveiled the “world first” wellbeing budget, in a bid to tackle mental illness, family violence, and child poverty.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing though.

Support for Ardern at home has waned, in part, due to her government’s failure to address New Zealand’s housing crisis. Under Ardern’s leadership, the Labour coalition showed that parties with varying views can effectively govern together, which could perhaps even serve as an antidote to the division that has taken hold in politics in democracies around the world. Heading into this next election, New Zealanders will decide whether it has been enough to fend off the rise of populism and nationalism around the world and whether Ardern’s values of compassion, kindness and inclusion will win her a second term.

Opinion 3: for the Japan Times

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern won global acclaim for her response to the Christchurch mosque shootings — but 12 months on, her political future hangs in the balance and there are signs “Jacinda-mania” has peaked. The center-left leader had been in office barely 18 months on March 15 last year when a self-avowed white supremacist opened fire at two mosques during Friday prayers, killing 51 and injuring another 40. Faced with a crisis unprecedented in New Zealand’s modern history, Ardern rose to the challenge with a mixture of compassion and decisive action. She offered support for New Zealand’s Muslims, rejected the shooter’s ideology, immediately moved to tighten gun laws and launched a global initiative to curb online extremism. Ardern’s personal popularity rating peaked at 51 percent shortly after the shootings and her Labour Party briefly reached similar levels, setting her on a path to re-election in polls set for later this year.

NZ’s Sept. 19 vote is now looking uncomfortably tight

But the Sept. 19 vote is now looking uncomfortably tight for the 39-year-old, with the center-right National Party edging ahead five points in opinion polls to 46 percent. Labour’s support has not fallen off a cliff but appears to have plateaued amid perceptions it has failed to deliver on issues such as affordable housing and reducing child poverty. It joined forces with two minor parties to form a government after the 2017 election, but one of its coalition partners, New Zealand First, is currently flatlining in the polls. Professor Stephen Levine, a political scientist at Wellington’s Victoria University, said Ardern — like U.S. leaders John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama before her — was more popular overseas than with domestic audiences. “Internationally, people are looking at the big picture, not the day-to-day details,” he said. “It is by no means inconceivable that Jacinda will be a one-term prime minister.” Massey University politics specialist and associate professor Grant Duncan said many international observers would be baffled that a charismatic, widely praised leader was facing such an uncertain future. “For an outsider looking at New Zealand, we have this amazing prime minister, she’s ticking so many boxes but guess what, she might not be prime minister after the next election,” he said. Ardern won office on a wave of “Jacinda-mania” after being thrust into the Labour leadership just seven weeks before the 2017 election.

Ardern became only the second prime minister in the world to give birth while in office

She made headlines again a year later when she became only the second prime minister in the world to give birth while in office — after Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto in 1990. But it was the way she handled the horrors of Christchurch that defined Ardern’s image. “This is one of those crucial moments when a leader has to rise above politics to really represent the country symbolically — and she nailed it,” Duncan said. “She focused on the victims, not the perpetrator. What she said was healing and the nation needed healing at that time.” The moment that most resonated globally was when Ardern donned a headscarf while comforting victims’ families after the shooting, later saying it was a spontaneous gesture of respect to the Muslim community. But Levine said Ardern remained a center-left leader in a country which, despite its progressive reputation, has a large conservative base. He said this meant Ardern’s appeal — which lifted Labour’s polling by almost 15 points after she became leader — came with in-built limitations. “For a lot of people in this country, it’s part of their identity to be National or Labour — these are tribes really and that’s just the way it is,” he said. Duncan said many National supporters admired Ardern’s handling of the Christchurch shootings but it would not sway them at the ballot box. “They’re not being budged because we have this celebrity prime minister, even if they appreciate what she did with the mosque shootings,” he said. “That doesn’t cut it for them.”

Opinion 4: By foreign affairs reporter Melissa Clarke for ABC Australia

Around the world, Jacinda Ardern has received acclaim from those who see the charismatic New Zealand Prime Minister as a leader for the modern age. The progressive young mother, who is due to make a short visit to Australia on Friday, has been lauded for steering her nation compassionately through terrorism attacks and natural disasters. But at home, Ardern’s leadership and judgement are under question. New Zealand’s political scene is currently beset by donations scandals, with the most dubious elements embroiling her Deputy Prime Minister and her Government’s junior coalition partner. Ardern has refused to reprimand, criticise or even question her Deputy Prime Minister, Winston Peters, and his party, despite — or perhaps because of — her prime ministership depending on his support. With a general election due in September, will Kiwis see Ardern as flying above the political fray? Or will her hands-off attitude taint her as just another politician trying to dodge difficult questions about murky fundraising? At the centre of this saga is Peters: long-time political provocateur, leader of the nationalist minor party New Zealand First and, crucially, holder of the balance of power in NZ’s Parliament. Back in 2017, Peters kept everyone in New Zealand on tenterhooks for a month after the national election, before declaring he would back the Labour Party to govern.

Peters’ decision catapulted Ardern unexpectedly into power

His decision catapulted a new, inexperienced leader — Ardern — unexpectedly into power, and in the process snagged himself the deputy prime minister and foreign minister titles. Fast forward to 2020 and NZ First has been exposed as dealing with opaque loans and donations. It turns out that some of NZ’s wealthiest business owners were making large donations to the NZ First Foundation, but splitting them up into multiple, smaller donations to avoid having to reveal them. Two businesses owned by Graeme Hart — NZ’s richest man — made donations on the same day to NZ First Foundation, both worth $NZ14,995. The amount is significant — it just happens to be $NZ5.01 short of the disclosure threshold under New Zealand law. In another case, three separate entities linked to the wealthy Van Den Brink family made donations on the same day, totalling $NZ36,000 but each falling under the $NZ15,000.01 disclosure limit. In fact, every donation to the NZ First Foundation since the 2017 election has fallen under the disclosure limit. Ardern has been under pressure from opposition parties to stand Peters down while the Serious Fraud Office investigation takes place.

Ardern has declared the scandal has nothing to do with her

Ardern told Radio New Zealand that while she was in charge of the Government, she was not in charge of the two other parties that form part of her Government’s ruling coalition — NZ First and the Greens. The election date has been set for September 19, but recent polling gives a good hint as to why Ardern and Labour aren’t keen to risk that being brought forward. Despite her strong lead as preferred prime minister, voting intentions suggest the election outcome would be on a knife edge. Some of the most reputable polling shows a National-led coalition garnering more support than a second term for the Labour Government.

What do Jacinda Ardern’s numbers say?

Opinions 1 to 4 reveal that the upcoming New Zealand election is fraught with conflicting opinions and no doubt it will be very hotly contested. As such, right now, the question, will Jacinda Ardern win the 2020 General Election, is anyone’s guess! However, as you will learn from our applying 365 Pin Code intelligence to Ms Ardern’s numbers, things do not look in the least bit rosy for her. First, we analyse her Full Birth Name [FBN] and then her Date of Birth [DOB]. Then we feed these, and other significant datapoints, in to our 365 Pin Code Predictive Model which gives us lines of code defining the dominant theme(s) of any given year for her in 4D (Personal Physical, Personal Emotional, Professional Physical, Professional Emotional). It is this model, and how we strategically unpack (i.e. provide context around the content) its numerical intelligence, which sets 365 Pin Code Numerology apart, as does how we report on your most core numbers. This numerically informed grid or matrix allows us to leverage real strategic thinking which in turn flows into next level strategic planning, and all this gives you the opportunity to connect with what we call, Futurist Numerology

365 Pin Code Full Birth Name Analysis: Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern

Will Jacinda Ardern win the New Zealand 2020 General Election, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, 365 Pin Code

With regards to the above chart, what makes Jacinda Ardern such an amazing, emotionally connected, empathetic leader, is that the Numbers 1 [me] and 9 [we] in her full birth name (both score over target, at 150% of target) are perfectly balanced. A perfect balance between a person’s “ME” and “WE” is extremely rare. To have both scored over target implies a consciously aware leader [1], who is spiritually connected with and to higher causes [9] and who also has a well-developed ego/sense of self [1]. It also reveals a well-balanced individual who is well connected with the natural balance required between serving self [1] and serving others [9].

Her THREE [3] Karmic Lessons [pertaining to the number 6, number 7 and number 8] reveal that she has a Number 6 Subconscious Self [SCS = 9-3 = 6]. The Subconscious Self is “that significant part of us which lies beneath”, it is emotional, and it is and always will be, a primary driver and influencer in the person’s life choices and decision-making process. The number 6 energy or vibration is linked with relationships, responsibility, matters of the heart, family, sense of community, grace and gratitude, helping and serving others etc. Again, this explains why during times of crisis, she is so superbly connected with the people of New Zealand and this is the reason why she has the innate gift to easily and effortlessly create “Jacinda-mania” if you will.

365 Pin Code Table explaining Numerology number 1 to 9 and Master Number 11 and 22

Her Number 3 Hidden Passion (scores 188% of target, the highest score in the above table) speaks to her having a natural talent when it comes to communication, creativity, happiness, joy, self-expression, optimism, inspiration and of course the imagination. This, coupled with number 6 subconscious self, makes her a brilliant leader during difficult and turbulent times. Yes, she will feel (intensely so!) the tremendous pressure which goes with carrying a nation and their collective anxieties and burdens through trauma and tragedy (economic, socio-political etc.), however, her gracious ability to clearly articulate what has to be done and to inspire others to do exactly this, is what sets her apart from others.

Her Number 4 Primary Expression Number [Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern = 94//13//4] links with her with a no-nonsense, let’s get things done in an orderly, proper, organised, systemic and disciplined way, approach to everyday life. She is not impressed with “short-cuts or chancy approaches” and always wants to see the plan, know that’s its practically implementable and once she’s satisfied with this, get on with it, in a manner which aligns with law and order. Does this not make her even more attractive as a leader during deeply economically troubled and emotionally turbulent times? Surely these times are coming! Much has been written about New Zealand hurtling right now into dark economic times. Face it, the entire world is hurtling into the worst of economic times and it is during these darkest of hours that the world and its people need emotionally connected, empathetic leaders. Leader, who will do whatever it takes to look after their people and their needs. What the world does not need right now is a bunch of lying, deceiving leaders who cynically put the state of the economy, monetary gains and profiteering at all costs, ahead of the basic daily needs of people. Put simplistically, what the world needs is more female leaders like Jacinda Ardern, Sanna Marin etc. not ego-driven maniacs whose separatist actions destabilise the world to such an extent that the long-term repercussions, possibly even right down to the United Nations, are quite unfathomable.

Next, we unpack Jacinda Ardern’s date of birth…

365 Pin Code Birth Chart Analysis: Jacinda Ardern born 26.07.1980

Will Jacinda Ardern win the New Zealand 2020 General Election, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, 365 Pin Code

Jacinda Ardern has a Number 6 life path [TSS-LFP], which when well lived, always links the person with much responsibility. Her Sun or Personal Attainment Number [see TKSPE, top left corner, 33//15//6 again aligns with the Number 6 (circled in yellow). Her Personal Number or Vibration is linked to the Number 8 [Born 26th; 26 = 2+6 = 8] which as a numerology number carries within it all the qualities required for the individual to be a natural leader of large groups of people / nations. Being born in the year 1980 [1980 = 1+9+8+0 = 18 = 1+8 = 9; 1980//18/9] beings the Number 9 energy in to play as her World or Career Number – the number 9 being linked with healing, humanity, consciousness, higher causes, forgiveness, unconditional love, philanthropy, serving others etc. Just these headline numbers within her 365 Pin Code Birth Chart tell enough. When the chips are down, when the pressure is on, when hard times have fallen upon everyone and when the needs of the people have to given top priority, she is most definitely the person you want at the helm.

365 Pin Code Pythagoras Square Birth Chart for Jacinda Ardern, born 26.07.1980

Will Jacinda Ardern win the New Zealand 2020 General Election, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, 365 Pin Code

The above birth chart reveals that she has only one arrow, the Arrow of Activity. This arrow joins 7, 8 and 9. This is the arrow of great expression with the experience number (7) linking with the number of power and perceptiveness (8) and the number of consciousness and human responsibility (9). The one challenge which people who have this arrow can experience, given its extreme forcefulness, is hyperactivity. People with this arrow can easily become highly agitated as a result of suppressed nervous energy. The result is extreme nervousness or anxiety which can express itself through any number of ailments such as asthma, headaches, migraines, heart and circulatory problems. Given this, carriers of this arrow need to ensure their environment is predominantly peaceful and calm. They need to spend as much time as possible in Nature and are generally never happy city dwellers. Outdoor kinetic sports are very good for them as these help them discharge their tremendous energy into the earth.

Numerology, Futurist Numerology, 365 Pin Code

From 2020 to 2028, Jacinda Ardern is in her Third Pinnacle 32//5

Before we feed all this data (and more) into our predictive numerology model, and reveal to you what her lines of experiential code are for 2020 and the years beyond, we need to being to your attention that from 2020 through to 2028, Jacinda Ardern enters her Third Pinnacle which is driven by the numerology number sequence 32//5. Her Third Challenge which runs concurrently (2020 to 2028) is linked with the Number 7 (born in July, 7) which brings family firmly into frame as well as the characteristics which headline this number, these being logic, mindset, critical thinking, analyses, seeking spiritually significant answers etc. To understand what the potential is around her 3rd Pinnacle 32//5 number sequence, let’s unpack what the number 32 signals… The number 32 as a “temporary numerology vibration” is almost always linked with a time period which is favourable for the individual. This is when the high goals which the person has been striving for, are reached, as is the recognition and honour which goes with them. Difficult situations are overcome, disputes are settled and almost always the individual ends up coming out on top and winning. The laurels of victory are yours if you remain untainted by the ego. So, whether the people of New Zealand know this right now or not, their current Prime Minister has just (as in 2020!) entered a nine-year period which, within her 365 Pin Code Numerology, is clearly signalling a superbly successful time. This does not mean that she will not have to deal with extreme challenges. Given the general state of the world right now, she will be faced with many more extreme challenges both this year, and especially during 2021. However, her 3rd pinnacle is positively coded for her to overcome these and to emerge triumphant. Given this, do you really want anyone else leading New Zealand for the next few years? We think not…

Now its time for us to reveal the data table to you which literally codes Jacinda’s life path experiences, from her birth, through to her death (whenever that may be)…

365 Pin Code Table of Annual Experience Numbers (AENs) for Jacinda Ardern born 26.07.1980

Will Jacinda Ardern win the New Zealand 2020 General Election, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, 365 Pin Code

The above chart is loaded with lines of code, from 2006 through to 2032 – this was done for those who enjoy numbers and studying things much detail. The RED numbers which run within the light blue columns, are Jacinda Ardern’s AENs or Annual Experience Numbers. These numbers, if you will, give brilliant insight into what the dominant numerology theme of a given year will be. Where the RED number occurs just once, it means that the given theme is concentred into just that year. Where the same RED number repeats itself (e.g. 2020 RED 7; 2021 RED 7) it means those two years are governed, or themed, around the same AEN. Unlike a concentrated (i.e. one year only!) experience, which always brings about an extreme event / happening, having the same AEN spread over a few years represents a diluted effect, as the impact is felt over a number of years and not just one.

If you want to know how deadly accurate these lines of code are, just have a look at her 2018 line of code. Do you see that the Number 7 occurs just once? 2017 has a RED 2 and 2019 has a RED 6, so the RED AEN 7 of 2018 is “sandwiched” if you will between the other two. This is the “concentrated annual experience” which we had alluded to earlier and remember we mentioned that whenever this happens, something very significant happened? Ok, so now let’s apply our minds to this. Where does the Number 7 present itself within her 365 Pin Code Numerology charts? It’s her Family / Intimate Number (Birth MM, July = 7th month of the year). Surprised that 2018 was the year she gave birth? You shouldn’t be! This is how astonishingly accurate numerology is, when done well. Even more astonishing, is if you look at her 2017 line of code, at her RED AEN 2, which links / synchs with her Shadow / Emotional Family Number. Is 2017 not the year she fell pregnant? Of course it is! And though we haven’t revealed this fact to you in the complex data table further on in this article (to do so, we’d have had to list all her AENs from birth!), 2017 was the first time, since she was born that she had the AEN 2 in play! Go figure…

Additional proof supporting how visible some pregnancies are within the numbers, lies within the detailed research we did into Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy; her numbers, just like Jacinda’s, show that the pregnancy no “random event” but was always hardcoded into her numerology life path matrix, which was laid down as an Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint (IMB) the moment her date of birth, full birth name (and a few other critically important data points which we use in the modelling) were decided.

2020 and 2021 for Jacinda Ardern are driven by Karmic Number sequence 16/7

Now that you fully understand that the above data table is bulls-eye accurate, let’s turn our attention to Ardern’s 2020 and 2021. The AEN 7 is in frame for both years. The backing number which it stems from, is 16, karmic 16. What karmic 16 does is to literally “destroy” everything (mental paradigms) you thought and believed to be true, and deliver deeply spiritual experiences which cause you to have to reframe how you think (the 7) about everything. That’s why in Tarot, the number 16 major arcana, is The Tower being destroyed by lightning, which signals a time when the destruction of the material happens in order to force upon you circumstances which have you seeking for new, enlightened, answers. From just this, we can instantly gather that 2020 and 2021 are going to be just awful years for Jacinda Ardern. So far, 2020 has taken the world by storm with Covid-19 and everything about this pandemic has torn deeply into the fabric of society as we know it and related to it. Looking at Ardern’s 2021 is however deeply worrying, because the RED question marks link the number 4 and 7, which is our model are massively antagonistic numbers. Stated another way, 4 and 7 almost always bring about much chaos. The 4-7 which we’re referring to, also sits in Ardern’s professional physical world. The upshot of this is that 2021 is coded to be the most extremely demanding year of her career to-date. If she handles it well, 2022 (RED AEN 1) will deliver surprising professional emotional reward (see her birth chart, bottom right corner, TSSPR 10//1, circled)!

Numerology, Futurist Numerology, 365 Pin Code

Only in 2023 will things begin to really turn for the better

We believe that her 16//7 coding for 2020 and 2021 proves how enormous the global impact of Covid-19 will be. Yes, right now she is being lauded as doing incredible things for New Zealand around Covid-19. However, New Zealand, like every other country, is massively dependent on the global economy, and, with what’s happening right now economic meltdown wise, guaranteed, New Zealanders are in for a very rough economic time post 2020. Does this mean they need to vote her out in their upcoming General Election? Absolutely not. Jacinda Ardern, is most definitely the empathetic leader New Zealand needs to see them through this economic bottleneck crisis. However, Jacinda Ardern and the people of New Zealand be warned, things are going to get much worse and only around 2023 will there be some form of a release. For Ardern, 2023 through to 2026 is a four-year AEN 4 driven period which synchs perfectly with her Primary Expression Number (number 4). This signals to us that she just needs to hold on and stay cool, calm and collected during these years of tectonic change, because, come 2023, the sun will begin to shine again.

Will Jacinda Ardern win the 2020 General Election?

And so, to return to the original question, will Jacinda Ardern win the 2020 General Election? Whilst it is a neck-on-neck election race, and will remain there right up until voting day, we believe there is a good probability that she will win. Why? Because, as explained earlier, she has just entered her 3rd Pinnacle 32//5 which means the numbers are favourable for her, long term, and, because hopefully the people of New Zealand realise that they already have a magnificent leader in place, so, given all the socio-economic upheaval which is on its way, what they need most is to keep her in power, as their PM. They need to trust that her every judgement call during the crisis years which loom, will be to put her people first, and that’s exactly what she will do because it’s coded into her numbers!

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What year will the impact of coronavirus Covid-19 end?

We look at how long the impact of impact of coronavirus Covid-19 will last

To answer the question, what year will the impact of coronavirus Covid-19 end, let’s take a few moments to set the scene as it is right now…

Nowcasting global poverty is not an easy task

World Bank: COVID-19 is taking its toll on the world, causing deaths, illnesses and economic despair. But how is the deadly virus impacting global poverty? We argue that it is pushing about 40-60 million people into extreme poverty, with our best estimate being 49 million. Nowcasting global poverty is not an easy task. It requires assumptions about how to forecast growth and how such growth will impact the poor, along with other complications such as how to calculate poverty for countries with outdated data or without data altogether. All of this goes to say that estimating how much global poverty will increase because of COVID-19 is challenging and comes with a lot of uncertainty. Though Sub-Saharan Africa so far has been hit relatively less by the virus from a health perspective, our projections suggest that it will be the region hit hardest in terms of increased extreme poverty. 23 million of the people pushed into poverty are projected to be in Sub-Saharan Africa and 16 million in South Asia… Any clear answers provided as to when, or more specifically, what year will the impact of coronavirus Covid-19 will end? No.

We will continue to find out more about the coronavirus

McKinsey: COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly around the world. Almost every country has reported cases, but the burden is asymmetrically distributed. In the past seven days (April 6–12), 46 percent of new confirmed cases have been reported in Europe and 39 percent in the United States. To an extent, that’s because countries are at different stages of the pandemic. Some that were effective at initial containment, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, have seen resurgence and are implementing additional measures to address it. Others, such as many countries in Western Europe, have seen the number of new cases plateau or begin to decline and are debating the right approach to reopening their economies. Some countries appear to be at the peak of infection and are urgently building surge capacity in their health systems. In other parts of the world, the number of cases is rising rapidly. Countries such as Russia and Turkey are seeing a recent acceleration. India too has experienced a significant increase in the number of cases since the beginning of April and has evolved its response strategy, including extending the nationwide lockdown. The months ahead will probably be quite volatile and dynamic. It now appears likely that some places will experience a local resurgence as restrictions are lifted and economies reopen. That will influence countries at the earliest stages. For example, Singapore has seen a resurgence mainly from imported cases, which have led to local transmission; this suggests that restrictions on international travel may continue. As China gradually reopens, the tactics it used (including group-based isolation models and setting a norm of wearing masks in the workplace) and their efficacy will inform approaches around the world. Western Europe’s experience in relaxing restrictions, and the most successful approaches there, will inform the approaches deployed in the United States. Considering the variety of approaches in use, public understanding and consensus will evolve day by day. We will continue to find out more about the coronavirus – how it is mutating, the duration of immunity, its transmission dynamics, and so on. For example, it now appears that the virus probably won’t be highly seasonal, given the recent rapid growth in a number of hot spots in the Southern Hemisphere. But it is still possible that the arrival of summer in the Northern Hemisphere will slow transmission somewhat, as some studies in both labs and natural contexts suggest… Any clear answers provided as to when, or more specifically, what year will the impact of coronavirus Covid-19 will end? No.

What year will the impact of coronavirus Covid-19 end, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology

Studies have not yet addressed the economic impact on individual African countries

Tralac: Declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 11 March 2020, COVID-19 has become a global emergency, given its impact on the entire world population and the economy. According to scenario simulations of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), global growth could fall by 0.5 for the year 2020. Several other sources are also predicting a fall in global growth due to the direct effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. The global economy may enter a recession at least in the first half of the year 2020, when adding the direct and indirect effects of the crisis (e.g. supply and demand shocks, commodity slump, fall in tourism arrivals, etc.). However, as the pandemic progresses slowly on the African continent, studies by international organizations have less addressed the economic impact on individual African countries. Indeed, Africa is not immunized from COVID-19. As of 3 April, according to COVID-19 Surveillance Update: 3 April 2020 9:00 am of Africa CDC, the spread of the virus has reached 50 African Union Member States: 7,028 cases, 561 recoveries and 284 deaths; and is showing no signs of slowing down.[1] Africa, because of its openness to international trade and migration, is not immune to the harmful effects of COVID-19, which are of two kinds: endogenous and exogenous… The exogenous effects come from direct trade links between affected partner continents such as Asia, Europe and the United States; tourism; the decline in remittances from African Diaspora; Foreign Direct Investment and Official Development Assistance; illicit financing flows and domestic financial market tightening, etc… The endogenous effects occur as a result of the rapid spread of the virus in many African countries. On one hand, they are linked to morbidity and mortality. On the other hand, they lead to a disruption of economic activities. This may cause, a decrease in domestic demand in tax revenue due to the loss of oil and commodity prices coupled with an increase in public expenditure to safeguard human health and support economic activities… Any clear answers provided as to when, or more specifically, what year will the impact of coronavirus Covid-19 will end? No.

What year will the impact of coronavirus Covid-19 end?

The answer is reasonably simple to calculate. In the Universe, things work in cycles of 9. This principle is applied in numerology. At 365 Pin Code Numerology we love looking at numbers and interrogating them research wise, because they always reveal exactly how things were, are and will be. Numbers tell all, especially if you understand how to interpret them…

What year will the impact of coronavirus Covid-19 end, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology

In 2026 the global impact of Covid-19 will start to wane dramatically

2020 = 2+0+2+0 = 4; therefore 2020 is a Number 4 Universal Year. So, 2020 is the 4th year of the current larger 9yr universal cycle which we are part of. This means that 2021 [2021 = 2+0+2+1 = 5] will be the fifth year of the cycle, 2022 the sixth, 2023 the seventh, 2024 the eighth and 2025 the ninth. From this we can gather than 2025 will be the final year of this current universal cycle of 9. This makes 2026 [2026 = 2+0+2+6 = 10 = 1+0 = 1] a Number 1 Universal Year which heralds the beginning of the new universal cycle of 9. From this we can deduce that the full impact of coronavirus or Covid-19 will last through to and including 2025 and in 2026 it will start to wane dramatically.

Pause and Think about this for a Moment

World War 1: Ended 1918 [1918 = 1+9+1+8 = 19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1]; so, 1918 was a Number 1 Universal year; the beginning of the new universal cycle of 9… World War 2: Ended 1945 [1945 = 1+9+1+8 = 19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1]; so, 1945 was a Number 1 Universal Year; the beginning of the new universal cycle of 9… 2026 = 2+0+2+6 = 10 = 1+0 = 1; so, 2026 will be a Number 1 Universal Year; the beginning of the new universal cycle of 9… So, there you have it. What year will the impact of coronavirus Covid-19 end? Though for many this will not be good news, the answer is, in 2026. Given this, all the talk about local and global economies being “RESET” and not merely “paused” is absolutely 100% correct. Only by 2026 will the enormity of the global economic and international socio-economic reset, created by Covid-19, become stable. Until then expect much turmoil, uncertainty, and upheaval. Coping with dramatic change will simply become part of the life, especially next year, 2021, a Number 5 Universal Year, which is always linked with matters around personal freedom, change, adaptability, flexibility and the 5-senses driven, Human Experience.

365 Pin Code, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology

Keep a watchful eye on Gold

To this end, we stick by the bold speculations we made at the end of 2019 (365 Pin Code 2020 Predictions) and believe that gold will surge massively over the next while, and to this end, we simply love the potential within Harmony gold shares. Why? Because Harmony [H8;A1;R9;M4;O6;N5;Y7] totals 40 which reduces down to the number 4 which synchronises perfectly, and positively, with the Number 4 of 2020. Because Gold [G7;O6;L3;D4] totals 20 which again synchronises with the numerical pattern within 2020 [2×20’s]. Plus, Harmony’s COO, Peter Steenkamp has what appears to be a fabulous set of 365 Pin Code numbers (numerology sequence 23//5) in play for 2020 and 2021, which is always a sure-fire indicator that something is up…

If you found this fascinating, then you’ll fall in love with all the incredible numbers-based research case studies (e.g. Steve Jobs’ pancreatic cancer, Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy; Softbank and WeWork’s Adam Neumann; Einstein’s miracle year; the astonishing timing synchronicities between Tom Cruise’s Tom Gun and Top Gun Maverick etc.) which we’ve worked on and published since January 2018.

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Pioneering female activist Frances Wright

Life Path Numerology of pioneering female activist Frances Wright

In this applied numerology research case study which unpacks the Life Path Numerology of pioneering female activist Frances Wright, we will clearly reveal to you why every significant experience of hers exists within her numbers. You will learn why in 1829, the year she was delivering her most impactful and far-reaching public lectures, her most magical success-enabling (SUN Number / Personal Attainment Number) numerology sequence 15//6 was powerfully in play. As you connect with the tangled web of intrigue which surrounded her life path a period spanning from 1795 to 1852, and, come to grips with what she stood for and fought for, you will understand why we see her as being connected to, and teaching about, the inclusive, broad-minded, cooperative and collaborative nature of Aquarian Consciousness.

“Man has been adjudged a social animal.” Frances Wright

Strategic Numerology is all about knowing what to look for!

To make sense of numbers, and to connect with the intentional design magic, you’ve got to know what to look for, both within and around them. Because we do, we can literally work through your numbers, reading your entire life’s story as one would read the narrative text in the pages of a story book.  That’s why in our Numerology for Women website page, we state that “these case studies (especially our detailed Frances “Fanny” Wright life path experiences and numerology numbers comparative study) will get you thinking differently about your life path, and, prove that the timing of your most significant events experienced along it, is not nearly as random as you might have been led to believe.”

“Our religious belief usurps the place of our sensations, our imaginations of our judgment. We no longer look to actions, trace their consequences, and then deduce the rule; we first make the rule, and then, right or wrong, force the action to square with it.” Frances Wright

First, let’s understand the life experiences of Frances Wright

To her enemies, she was the ”Red Harlot of Infidelity,” whose ideas, if put into practice, would turn the world into ”one vast immeasurable brothel.” To her admirers, she was a bold apostle of liberation and equality in an age of prudish sexual mores, widening class division and slavery.

She was a pioneering social activist and an eloquent freethinker

Few women in 19th-century America simultaneously aroused such fierce hatred and such passionate respect as the Scottish-born crusader Fanny Wright (1795-1852). Now that the firestorm of controversy surrounding her is a distant cultural memory and women’s liberation is a fact of life, a judicious and well-informed biographer like Celia Morris Eckhardt can see Fanny Wright for what she was – a pioneering social activist and an eloquent freethinker whose life is a study in constantly frustrated humanitarian ideals.

She wrote a book: Views of Society and Manners in America

Born in Dundee, Scotland, and orphaned before she was 3, Frances Wright was raised first by a wealthy British aunt whose conservatism repelled her and then by an intellectual Scottish uncle whose libertarianism helped foster her radical views. When she was 22, she and her sister Camilla made the first of several extended visits to the United States. Drawn to a nation whose egalitarian principles corresponded to her own, she wrote a book, ”Views of Society and Manners in America,” in which she contrasted the republicanism of the United States with what she saw as the aristocratic and corrupt institutions of England. Nevertheless, she did perceive alarming evidence of social injustice in America, and, believing that Americans would be naturally responsive to progressive ideas, she made this country the principal area for her activity on behalf of slaves, women and the poor.

“But while human liberty has engaged the attention of the enlightened, and enlisted the feelings of the generous of all civilized nations, may we not enquire if this liberty has been rightly understood?” Frances Wright

She became the first woman in America to act publicly to oppose slavery

Mrs. Eckhardt, a former magazine editor now working in women’s studies, points out that Fanny Wright can be credited with some important ”firsts.” In 1825 she became the first woman in America to act publicly to oppose slavery: In the wilderness town of Nashoba, Tenn., she established a commune whose purpose was to demonstrate how slaves might be educated and responsibly freed. In 1828 she became the first woman in this country to speak to a large secular audience of men and women (access her entire 4 July 1828 speech here), and the first to argue that ”women were men’s equals and must be granted equal roles in David S. Reynolds , who is Visiting Associate Professor of American Literature at Barnard College, is the author of ”Faith in Fiction” and ”George Lippard.” all the business of public life.” Along with the utopian socialist Robert Dale Owen, she edited a liberal weekly newspaper, The Free Inquirer, and involved herself in the beginnings of the labour movement in New York. At the height of her success (1820-1830) she delivered many radical lectures before packed houses throughout the United States. Given these accomplishments, it is understandable that John Stuart Mill called her one of the most important women of her day, and that she received warm praise from such diverse luminaries as Thomas Jefferson, Jeremy Bentham, the Marquis de Lafayette, Mary Shelley and Walt Whitman.

She was regarded as the breeder of anarchy, atheism and free love

While Fanny Wright saw herself as the champion of rationality and peace, almost from the start she was regarded as the breeder of anarchy, atheism and free love. Regarding sexual passion as the ”noblest of human passions,” she imagined an ideal society in which ”affection shall form the only marriage tie.” She went so far as to call religion ”the perverter of human virtue.” In the 1820’s and 30’s, the heyday of puritanical reform, such statements provoked angry responses from preachers and conservative newspaper editors, particularly because she was suspected of having illicit affairs.

“He who lives in the single exercise of his mental faculties, however usefully or curiously directed, is equally an imperfect animal with the man who knows only the exercise of muscles.” Frances Wright

She was the radical everyone loved to hate

Being “the radical everyone loved to hate” was at first bracing for the feisty Wright. A tall, commanding woman with a dynamic presence, she capitalized on her notoriety by lambasting clergymen and capitalists before raucous audiences titillated by press reports of her shocking notions. But Mrs. Eckhardt shows that in time the barrage of stinging invective, combined with severe personal misfortune, drove Wright into embittered isolation. The Nashoba experiment failed as a result of internal bickering and external criticism.

The last years of her life were darkened by nervous breakdowns

Despite her deepening frustrations, during the last two decades of her life she doggedly persisted in her support of radical causes. She divided her time between Europe and America, writing a long treatise on the history of revolutions, ”England the Civilizer” (1848), which Mrs. Eckhardt identifies as her major work. She and Phiquepal had been married in 1831, but for long periods they lived separately, and, the marriage was increasingly unhappy. The last 10 years of her life were darkened by a series of nervous breakdowns and legal battles against her husband over property and over custody of their daughter. Ironically, the conservative Sylva turned against her mother and denounced her after her death.

Making 365 Pin Code Life Path Numerology practical

Now that you understand the most important snippets of her life’s journey, let’s begin unpacking the Life Path Numerology of pioneering female activist Frances Wright. Importantly, we’ll link her magical numerology sequence 15//6 as well as her 365 Pin Code Annual Experience Numbers (AENs) with the above storyline. As we do this, you will understand that her most significant experiences, especially the emotional ones, are clearly coded into her numerology, hence our saying that once you understand your life path’s annual experience codes, you’ve made a quantum shift into beyond-next-level strategic intelligence.

“It will appear evident upon attentive consideration that equality of intellectual and physical advantages is the only sure foundation of liberty, and that such equality may best, and perhaps only, be obtained by a union of interests and cooperation in labor.” Frances Wright

Part 1: Life Path Numerology of pioneering female activist Frances Wright: Her Karmic Lessons

The most important take-outs from the above name-driven numerology report for Frances Wright are:
  1. Her only karmic lesson relates to the Number 4 Energy (there are no 4’s in her name, so scores 0% – see table below). How interesting that throughout her life, she should so actively challenge much of what this number represents, such as law and order, systems (societal), discipline, governance, compliance (the societal norms of the day) etc.
  2. Her Hidden Passion is defined by the Number 9 Energy (her score is 208% over target) which links with humanity, universal love, forgiveness, philanthropy, putting the interest of others ahead of your own and serving others well, consciousness, universal laws and aligning yourself with and to higher causes. Is this not exactly what she did with much of her life, through being the “radical everyone loved to hate”, by thumbing her nose at convention and wanting a better world for women which offered them more freedom and choice?
  3. Her Primary Soul Urge (see calculations below) aligns perfectly with her magical numerology sequence 15//6 and aligns her with Number 6 Energy which has at its core, relationships, responsibility, matters of the heart, sense of community, grace and gratitude, caring for others. Did she not in her own way do everything possible to take of others and liberate them community wise? Yes, she did! And, did she not in her very own Machiavellian way, challenge the most destructive and deeply entrenched of societal paradigms (that slavery was okay, that the sexual oppression of women was okay etc.)? Yes, she did!
  4. The above table reveals her personality number as being 55//10//1, which aligns her with Number 1 Energy; the energy of the natural, brave leader who has a strong sense of self, a well-developed self-image and the confidence to take a public stand around matters which he/she disagrees with. Isn’t that exactly what she did? Of course, it is. Her visible confidence in public would have enabled her subconscious self (that which lies beneath; powered by the number 8 energy). This hidden part of her would have had an almost insatiable thirst for power, status, recognition, authority, dealing with matters material and her quest to achieve this, would have been driven in an organised, controlling way, because that’s how the number 8 subconscious self operates.

  1. Her score for Number 7 Energy sits at 138% over target which is a phenomenally high score. Most inclusion chart scores for this number average out at less than 50%, with it being by far, the most common karmic lesson encountered (given all the test-and-learn R&D work we’ve done this finding comes from having built around a thousand inclusion charts). This high 7 score shows that Frances Wright was exceptionally intelligent with superb critical thinking and analytical skills. No wonder she took on the patriarch-driven establishment the way she did, because she would have been easily able to “out-think” and “out-debate” literally every man whom she was up against. This massively intelligent 7 energy also synchronised perfectly with her Primary Expression Number (70//7) meaning that she had the uncanny ability to stay icy cool and level-headed when under pressure, to not get flustered when things got really intense during “heated exchanges.”

“Instead of establishing facts, we have to overthrow errors; instead of ascertaining what is, we have to chase from our imaginations what is not.” Frances Wright

We could be at this chart for hours, but that’s not necessary. We’ve already proven a point. Through understanding her numerology, as contained within the above 365 Pin Code Inclusion Chart, we’ve shown you, how a few of her most core numbers, linked perfectly with her dominant life path experiences.

Let’s continue because there’s so much more we want to reveal to you, numerology wise…

“The existing principle of selfish interest and competition has been carried to its extreme point; and, in its progress, has isolated the heart of man, blunted the edge of his finest sensibilities, and annihilated all his most generous impulses and sympathies.” Frances Wright

Part 2: Life Path Numerology of pioneering female activist Frances Wright: Her Date of Birth

The most important take-outs from the above date of birth numerology report for Frances Wright are:

Starting at the top, centre and working left to right, in an anti-clockwise direction:

  • Her Personal Energy (Birth DD, 6th) = 6; see number 6 described in table below.
  • Her Personal Attainment Number (TKSPE) also known as her Sun Number = 15//6; see number 6 described in table below – The Responsible One who cares about the wellbeing of Others!
  • Her Family / Intimate Number (Birth MM = September, 9) = 9; see number 9 described in table below.
  • Her Shadow / Emotional Family Number = 9; see number 9 below.
  • Her Shadow / Emotional Personal Attainment Number (TSSPE; yellow circle) = 12//3; see number 3 described in table below.
  • Her Shadow / Emotional Personal Number = 3; see number below.
  • Her Shadow / Emotional Professional Attainment Number (TSSPR) = 8; see number 8 described in table below.
  • Her Shadow / Emotional World / Career Number = 5; see number 5 described in table below.
  • Her World / Career Number (Birth YY, 1795 = 1+9+7+5 = 22; 22 = 2+2 = 4; 22//4); see master number 22 below, the number of The Master Builder (the one who organises many to achieve much collectively).
  • Her Professional Attainment Number (TKSPR) = 10//1; see number 1 described in the table below – The Natural Leader!

Then, looking inside the chart, you will see two other sets of numbers, these are her Life Path Numbers:

  • Her Life Path Number is 1810//10//1 = 1 [Born 06.09.1795; 6+9+1795 = 1810 = 1+8+1+0 = 10 = 1+0 = 1; hence 1810//10//1]; She is coded, life path wise, to be the leader, period.
  • Her Shadow / Emotional Life Path Number is 17//8; She loves to be in control and is emotionally driven by money, power, wealth, status, business, authority etc.

365 Pin Code Numerology: Headline characteristics of each number we use

So, what do all her birth numbers and their associated characteristics tell us about her?

As per her life path number 1, she is coded to lead and lead she did – she honoured this most important coding of hers, hats off to her, round of applause. Then, given her shadow or sunk number 8 life path, she would have enjoyed the battle for power and given her organised approach, would have been a most formidable adversary. Her number 6 personal energy and number 15//6 sun number, intimate that relationships and responsibility are high up on her personal agenda, as is her sense of community. Her number 9 family or intimate vibration links her in that space with healing, forgiveness, universal love, humanity, helping others and given her bold and brave life stance, she certainly took this responsibility to heart.

She had the superpower of the Master Number 22 as her World / Career Number

Her master number 22 in the world / career links her with the superpower to mobilise large groups of people in a coordinated fashion toward a greater, inspired goal; 22 in numerology is The Master Builder. And that’s exactly what she did, magnificently so, from 1828 when she first started to speak out against accepted societal norms, through to the 1930’s. Her 1829 public lectures in the United States led to the establishment of Fanny Wright societies and her association with the Working Men’s Party, organized in New York City in 1829, became so strong that its opponents called the party’s slate of candidates The Fanny Wright Ticket! Beneath her 22, lies the number 5, which is the rebel energy – the energy which challenges and cannot be contained, the most kinetic of all the numbers. She certainly challenged everything about her external environment and threw down an intellectually challenging and emotionally inspiring gauntlet to those who thought that “how things worked back then”, was acceptable.

“If we bring not the good courage of minds covetous of truth, and truth only, prepared to hear all things, and decide upon all things, according to evidence, we should do more wisely to sit down contented in ignorance, than to bestir ourselves only to reap disappointment.” Frances Wright

Frances Wright most definitely honoured her 365 Pin Code Numerology

As per her birth chart numerology coding and given the battles she fought, hats off to her! She honoured her numbers, made a difference, led boldly, fought hard and indelibly etched her name into history as a very brave heroine! There’s precious little chance back then that she would have understood her numerology, so we can only deduce that she was somehow unconsciously connected to her numbers (her Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint (IMB)). Most likely, this was through her very high 7 score (high mental aptitude; innate wisdom, universally and spiritually connected). Remember, the number 7 is always seeking deep spiritual truths and as such, finds itself almost always at complete odds with illogical world, of force-fed religious indoctrination!

Are you now starting to get a really deep gut feel for how important it is to know your numerology? That when you’re consciously connected with your most core numbers, you’re really aligning yourself with who and what you are, authentically.

That’s why we created this very powerful positioning statement for 365 Pin Code Numerology:

“Today, you live in a world of information overload, the online world is crammed full of the stuff. Thing is, only a very small percentage of it is accurate and that stuff’s totally boring; the rest is inaccurate and utterly useless; fake news, hysteria-creating news. Within the small percentage of accurate information, 1% has great value, and 1% of that 1% is priceless. Did you know that the same cascading principle applies to you and your life? Every day you are being incessantly bombarded by worthless junk (junk info from friends, junk info from family, junk info from social media etc.) which leads to tremendous personal confusion around “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” and “What should I be doing?” and “How on earth do I find my real myself?” You’ve got all this “incessant noise and input” around you telling you who you are, what you think you should be, why you here, and how you should be living your life. If you are really serious about finding meaningful answers to these questions then you need to bullet all the junk that’s stuck to you over the years, and, access your bespoke 1% of the 1% (which can only be found inside you, not outside of you). That’s what we do at 365 Pin Code – we rid you of confusion and replace it with clarity – and we do this by dialling you at tremendous speed straight into your priceless 1%.” – Chris and Suzanne Styles, Founders, 365 Pin Code.

As with the name-driven inclusion chart, we could do so much more analysis than just this on her birth, but it’s not necessary. Again, we’ve already proven our point and opened your awareness to the strategic personal and professional benefits of Entering your 365 Pin Code.

Prepare yourself because we’re about to blow your mind!

Right, so this is the point where all the information you’ve processed and numbers you’ve connected with, around the Life Path Numerology of pioneering female activist Frances Wright, gets real. Below are two data tables we created for her from birth [06.09.1795; 6th September 1795] through to her eventual death [13.12.1852; 13th December 1852]. Within these data tables are lines of code for every year of her life, mapped in 4D; personal physical, personal emotional, professional physical, professional emotional. What you are about to see is how these lines of code align perfectly with her most significant life path events. Once you’ve processed this and gotten over the initial shock, you will understand why at the very start of this research article we said that once we’ve built your charts, we can literally walk through your numbers, accurately reading your entire life path’s story just as one would read the narrative text in the pages of a story book.

“However novel it may appear, I shall venture the assertion, that, until women assume the place in society which good sense and good feeling alike assign to them, human improvement must advance but feebly.” Frances Wright

Part 3A: The Life Path of female activist Frances Wright, broken down, year-by-year into her Annual Experience Numbers (AENs)

Note: Frances Wright’s Annual Experience Numbers (AENs) are the large RED numbers in the light blue column which runs the length of the above data table – the AENs indicate what vibrational experience is playing itself out during any given year of her life path…

Do you remember that in the very beginning of this article it was stated that Frances Wright, born in Dundee, Scotland, was orphaned before she was 3, and was raised first by a wealthy British aunt whose conservatism repelled her and then by an intellectual Scottish uncle whose libertarianism helped foster her radical views?

1795 to 1799 sees master number 11 in play (a troubled emotional time for her)

Go to the table above and look at her Annual Experience Numbers (AENs; the large RED numbers!) from 1795 to 1799. See large RED 11&2’s? This means the master number 11 is in play, a number which irrespective of age, brings extreme emotional experiences and much enlightenment as to the nature of the human. See all the RED blocks? That’s a sure-fire indicator of an extremely troubled emotional (number 2 driven, the lower octave of RED 11//2 AENs) time in her life with a very personal (RED No 6; one year only) experience happening in 1800. The red block double 6 in play in her 1800 line of code, signals an extreme personal physical experience; unfortunately, not a pleasant one!

From 1801 through to 1809 her life is dominated by the AEN 9 and given that she was born in September, this brings a powerful family experience into play. Guaranteed this was when she was being raised by her conservative, stoic, British aunt.

1810 delivers a Concentrated Life Path (No 1) Experience for Frances Wright

Then, in 1810, the AEN 1 makes its appearance, for one year only. Frances Wright has a Number 1 Life Path. Thus, we can deduce that 1810 would have been a life path significant year for her, and, a brand- new beginning for too! Note that her personal code for 1810 reads 7-1-4, so the new beginning (red 1) links in a positive way with her expression number (7) and her only karmic lesson (4) so there’s some good going on for her personally during 1810. What is concerning however, is that her external (professional / career / schooling) world has the hugely emotional 1-9 combination in play telling us that whilst this shift might have been positive for her internally, it would most definitely not have been so externally.

1811 to 1815 delivers five expansive, change-related years of personal freedom

From 1811 (the year she turned 16) to 1815 note how the AEN 5 is in play. Typically, the number 5 always represents much change, personal freedom, intellectual expansion, pushing boundaries, finding your limits, learning to think on your feet, change, personal freedom, challenging the status quo, even experimenting massively with the 5-senses through for example, having much sex, drinking excessively and even taking drugs etc. So, what exactly during these five years? At age 16, Fanny returned to Scotland and spent her winters studying and writing, and her summers visiting the Scottish Highlands. She educated herself from a college library, and by the age of 18 (note the double 5 in her 2018 line of code, professional physical = year of much intellectual application), she had written her first book. This is a bulls-eye numerology result for us and shows 100% congruency between our numerology numbers for her and life path experience records kept on her!

 “Speak of change, and the world is in alarm. And yet where do we not see change?” Frances Wright

Wright’s 1816 and 1817 AEN numerology links with creativity and self-expression

In 1816 (the year she turned 21) and 1817, our numerology AENs codes have the AEN 3 in play (backing number, not displayed, is 12//3). This number 3 brings her shadow self and her shadow personal attainment number (TSSPE in birth chart) into play. Much happens within our emotional selves when shadow coded times present themselves unto us. So, what happened? The additional we have to-hand on her life experiences, reveals that when she was 22, she and her sister Camilla made the first of several extended visits to the United States, a nation whose egalitarian principles corresponded to those of Frances. As per her lines of code, this trip first US trip did not happen in 1817, the year she turned 22, but in 1818, the year she was 22 turning 23. Her 1817 line of personal code, which reads 5-3-11&2, reveals a year which would have been one of personal physical change (her number 5 personal year) underpinned by creativity, communication, self-expression, inspiration (all 3’s) with much emotional enlightenment and new intuitive visions (master number 11 experiences) happening too. A wonderful time in her life no doubt!

1818 delivers yet another Concentrated Life Path (No 1) Experience for Frances Wright

In 1818 (previous one was 1810), she has another concentrated (as in one year only!) number 1 life path experience. This is such a powerful numerological experience that we know for sure that 1818 was when she set foot in America for the first time. Frances and her sister toured the US for two years before returning to England.

Wright’s 1819 to 1823 AEN numerology coding has her seeing the world differently

From 1819 through 1823 her life is again driven by the AEN 3 (backing number, not displayed, 12/3) which links as per the tarot major arcana, with The Hanged Man. This denotes a creative, self-expressive time in her life when she looked at everything around her through very different eyes. Soon after her return to England in 1820, Wright published Views of Society and Manners in America (1821). The book’s publication was a major turning point in her life. It brought her an invitation from Jeremy Bentham to join his circle acquaintances that included economist James Mill, politician Francis Plore, and author George Grote, among others. The group’s opposition to religious clergy influenced Wright’s own emerging philosophy. In 1821 (a number 9 personal numerology year for her; the end of her cycle) Wright travelled to France at the invitation of the Marquis de Lafayette and arranged to meet with him in Paris. Despite the differences in their ages, the two became friends. At one point, Frances encouraged him to adopt her and her sister. Wright’s request put a strain on the relationship with General Lafayette’s family and no adoption took place. Wright’s friendship with the general continued after relations with his family were repaired.

“If we bring not the good courage of minds covetous of truth, and truth only, prepared to hear all things, and decide upon all things, according to evidence, we should do more wisely to sit down contented in ignorance, than to bestir ourselves only to reap disappointment.” Frances Wright

Part 3B: The Life Path of female activist Frances Wright, broken down, year-by-year into her Annual Experience Numbers (AENs)

According to our numerology, in 1824, the AEN 8 is in play, however, unlike her previous AEN 8 experiences, this is not by the backing number 17//8 (i.e. shadow life path significant) but rather by the pure backing number 8//8. As such, this intense experience (again, for one year only) links with her Shadow Professional Attainment Number (see TSSPR 8//8 in her birth chart). And, given the 8-9 combination coded for her personal emotional, we know that during this year something massive shifts, emotionally! So, what exactly happened?

In 1824, Wright returned to the United States

In 1824, Wright and her sister returned to the United States to follow the Marquis de Lafayette and his entourage during much of his farewell tour of the United States. Wright joined Lafayette for a two-week stay at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s plantation in Virginia. In addition to Jefferson, Lafayette also introduced Wright to Presidents James Madison and John Quincy Adams, as well as General Andrew Jackson. 1824 is also massively significant for her because this is when the “Equality War” begins, and her leadership coding (number 1 life path) powerfully surfaces.

If this is not causing the hairs on the back of your neck to stand upright, nothing will… This is hard numerical evidence, that her experiential coding within our 365 Pin Code Numerology charts coincides exactly with her documented life path experiences. That’s why we say that once we’ve built your 365 Pin Code Annual Experience Number (AEN) Chart (also referred by us as being your Quadratic Chart) we can read your life like a story book, past, present and future. Still think your life is not a magnificently created intelligent mathematical blueprint (IMB)?

Her 1825 numerology sees the beginning of a risky, new, six-year adventure (sequence 14//5)

From 1825 through to 1830 she has the AEN 5 in play again – therefore her life path numerology reveals these as being years of change and questioning. This also brings her emotionally charged sunk 5 in the world into frame resulting in her challenging the status quo of the day, driving much change, rebelling against the norms, speaking out against the wrong-doings of the day (slavery!), driving a sexual revolution type mindset for women, choosing to go upstream against all the odds. 1825 was the year when she became a US citizen. In addition to all this, remember that in 1829, her public lectures in the United States led to the establishment of Fanny Wright societies and her association with the Working Men’s Party, organized in New York City in 1829, became so strong that its opponents called the party’s slate of candidates The Fanny Wright Ticket. Makes perfect sense given (see her 1829 line of professional code: 3-5-1) her Number 3 professional year (communication, self-expression, inspiration etc) and her Number 1 professional emotional year (new beginning, the start of a new cycle). In 1829 she and Robert Dale Owen published a radical newspaper called the Free Enquirer and led the free-thinking movement, calling for liberalized divorce laws, birth control, free secular education run by the state, and the political organization of the working classes.

1829 had her magical numerology sequence 15//6 in play

Our opening paragraph stated that: You will learn why in 1829, the year she was delivering her most impactful and far-reaching public lectures, her most magical success-enabling (SUN Number / Personal Attainment Number) numerology sequence 15//6 was powerfully in play. This is where understanding the importance of numerology pinnacle experiences come to the fore, and, confirms that numerology pinnacle convergences are just important as AEN’s.

Sun Number 15//6: Extract from the 365 Pin Code birth chart of Frances Wright

Circled in yellow above, see her all-important numerology number sequence, 15//6, this is her Sun Number of Personal Attainment Number. Calculated how? Birth DD + Birth MM; 6+9 = 15 = 1+5 = 6; hence 15//6. The importance of this number (your Sun Number) cannot ever be overstated. Here are case studies to prove this, one being the sun number of a Large Lottery Winner, the other being the sun number of the Coach of the 2019 Rugby World Cup winning team.

When analysing her Pinnacle Experiences, what do we see for the year 1829?

365 Pin Code Numerology pinnacle experiences for Frances Wright born 06.09.1795

Note how her First Pinnacle Experience (blocked off above in yellow), lasting from 1795 (birth year) through to 1830 (the year she turned 35) is driven by the number sequence 15//6. Therefore, at some time during her first 35 years of life, her 15//6 Sun Number would synchronise perfectly with her pinnacle experience and thrust her into a situation which placed much responsibility upon her shoulders. 1829 was that year! It was they year when she would lead (the 1) a new train of thought, openly challenging (the 5) status quo in terms of how everyone was living, relationship (the 6) wise relative to each other. Also, remember that this 15//6 convergence linked with her Primary Soul Urge number [15//6] making this early period of her life, all the more important – a soul driven time!

Her 1825 to 1830 numerology AENs indicate six years of much change, so what did she get up to?

In early 1825, after spending time at former President Jefferson’s home in Virginia and Robert Owen’s utopian settlement at New Harmony, Wright began developing her plans for an experimental farming community. By the summer of 1825 she was seeking advice from Lafayette and Jefferson, among others, to begin implementing her ideas. Owen and Lafayette later became members of her project’s board of trustees; however, Jefferson declined to participate. Wright also published A Plan for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery in the United States Without Danger of Loss to the Citizens of the South (1825), a tract that she hoped would persuade the U.S. Congress to set aside federal land for the purpose of promoting emancipation. To demonstrate how slaves could be emancipated without their owners losing money, Wright established a model farming community in Tennessee where slaves could work to earn money to purchase their own freedom and received an education. Taking inspiration from the New Harmony community in Indiana, Wright travelled to Tennessee in the fall of 1825, and bought about 320 acres (130 hectares) of land along Wolf River about thirteen miles from Memphis. Wright founded a community at this wilderness site, which she named Nashoba. To demonstrate that her idea was a viable way to abolish slavery, she purchased about thirty slaves, nearly half of them children, to live in the experimental community. Her plan was for the slaves to gradually acquire their freedom through their labour on the property. Wright also planned to eventually colonize the newly emancipated slaves to areas outside the United States. In addition to building cabins and farm buildings, Wright planned to establish a school for black students, although many abolitionists criticized her idea of gradual emancipation and educational training for the former slaves. Wright joined in the early efforts to clear land and build log cabins for its inhabitants, which included blacks and whites. Nashoba was, however, plagued with difficulties from the start. It was built on mosquito-infested land that was conducive to malaria and failed to produce good harvests. Wright contracted malaria in the summer of 1826 and had to leave the property to recover her health in New Harmony, Indiana, and visits to France and England. While she was absent from Nashoba the community declined. Its interim managers began instituting a policy of harsher punishments toward the black workers. A scandal also erupted over the community’s tolerance of “free love” and publicized accounts of an interracial relationship between James Richardson, a white supervisor of the community, and Josephone Lalotte, the mulatto daughter of a freed African American woman slave who had brought her family to live at Nashoba. Wright returned to Nashoba in 1828 with her friend, Frances Trollope, who spent ten days at the community, and found it in disarray an on the verge of financial collapse. Trollope’s published descriptions of the area criticized its poor weather, lack of scenic beauty, and Nashoba’s remoteness and desolation. In 1828, when Nashoba was rapidly declining, the New-Harmony Gazette published Wright’s explanation and defense of the commune, as well as her views on the principles of “human liberty and equality.” In January 1830, Wright chartered a ship and accompanied the community’s thirty slaves to Haiti, which had achieved independence in 1804, so that they could live their lives as free men and women. The failed experiment cost Wright about US$16,000. Germantown, Tennessee, a present-day suburb of Memphis, was established on the land where Nashoba once stood.

1831 and 1832 are driven by 17//8 her Shadow Life Path Number

According to her numerology AENs, 1831 and 1832 were coded to be two years which would deliver an intense emotional experience. How do we know this? Because the AEN in play is 17//8 which links, or synchronises, perfectly with her Shadow Life Path Number (see TSS-LFP in her 365 Pin Code Birth chart). So, what exactly happened back then? Well, in 1830, Frances Wright sailed to France with her failing sister, who died a short time later (it is not stated whether this death happened in late 1830 or early 1831). Either way, the impact of her sister’s death would have dealt her a massive emotional blow, which is explained in her numerology by the onset (1831) of her two-year Shadow Life Path Number experience. Also, she married French physician Guillaume D’Arusmont in Paris, France, on July 22, 1831. Wright had first met him at New Harmony, Indiana, where he was once a teacher. D’Arusmont also accompanied her to Haiti in 1830, serving as her business manager. Wright’s and D’Arusmont’s daughter, Francès-Sylva Phiquepal D’Arusmont, was born on April 14, 1832. Note within her 1932 line of code above, note the red block linking the two 8’s. This double 8 coded experience is personal emotional – therefore it clearly reveals the enormous emotional impact which giving birth had; the number 8 being linked with power, control, authority, wealth, business matters etc. Importantly, given that the number 8 when laid on its side, is the infinity symbol, ∞, this intense 8-driven two year period indicates a time when she would have been struggling with finding the flow or balance between her material and spiritual worlds.

“The hired preachers of all sects, creeds, and religions, never do, and never can, teach anything but what is in conformity with the opinions of those who pay them.” Frances Wright

1833 and 1834 are driven by master number 11 (as were the first 5 years of her life!)

The Life Path Numerology of pioneering female activist Frances Wright reveals 1833 and 1834 as being deeply troubled years, with AEN master number 11 in play, just as it was during the first 5 years of her life (a time when she experienced much personal loss and was orphaned). Given this, and the 11-9, or “911”, code in 1833, personal emotional, we know that this was a most difficult time.

From 1835 and 1839 her AEN 5 surfaces again indicating years of much change

Note the red block double 5 coded in her 1835 data string? This indicates much personal change, physically. What happened? Wright, her husband, and their daughter travelled to the United States in 1835 and made several subsequent trips between the United States and Europe. And then in 1838, we see another red block double 5 coded in her 1838 data string – this indicates much personal emotional (invisible!) change. What happened? After the mid-term political campaign of 1838, Wright suffered from a variety of health problems. Bulls-eye result again; 100% numerology and documented life path congruency; everything she experienced is hard-coded within her numbers, absolutely everything!

Wrapping up our study on the Life Path Numerology of pioneering female activist Frances Wright

Frances Wright put everything on the line for what she believed in – she stayed true to her Number 1 Life Path in every way – and look at the legacy she left behind. A brave life well lived, and, the music of her life will play on, forever…

Our lives are like a piece of music.

There is a beginning, a middle section, and an end.

We are co-composers of our lives,

and choose many a beautiful melody, and often

there are discordant passages, which mellow and become more mature.

It is all one creative effort from start to finish.

The music can be cut short with abominable violence.

Unfinished symphonies there are in the millions.

And our music harmonises with others

to produce something grander and more beautifully complex.

And our music jars with others, and we have to learn

that all composers are different and that we are all

fairly rudimentary in our rhapsodies and ensembles.

Once in a while we manage to be in tune

with some unknown and more powerful

musical inspiration which transfigures our

paltry notes into majesty and genius –

though short, they mean everything.

When the music stops there is complete silence;

which ends abruptly in thundering applause.

Bravo! Encore! Bravo!

Etienne Charilaou

At the very beginning of this piece of research, we opened with this statement: “In this numerology research case study, Life Path Numerology of pioneering female activist Frances Wright, we will reveal to you why every significant experience of hers sits within her numbers.” And, we have done so. What you have seen should now leave you with absolutely no doubt that we are intelligently, mathematically, designed energy fields, who are living and experiencing life through a numerically driven, experientially coded, matrix and that none of our most significant life events are random, not one!

We also said that: “You will learn why in 1829, the year she was delivering her most impactful and far-reaching public lectures, her most magical success-enabling (SUN Number / Personal Attainment Number) numerology sequence 15//6 was powerfully in play.” And, we revealed this to you using her Sun and Pinnacle Number convergence. That’s why Numerology for Women, done 365 Pin Code style, is unlike anything you have ever encountered.

Now that you know this, can you afford to not understand your future numbers? We think not. Therefore, there’s only one personal and professional game-changing decision you need to make, and that is, to, Enter your 365 Pin Code, now…

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Why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985

Why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985?

There’s a Brand-New Twist to the Story!

Executive Summary

Given that Apple grew into a trillion-dollar company and made one of its co-founders, Steve Jobs, a dollar billionaire many times over, people often wonder why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985? In this research article, which has real twist to it, we reveal, using nothing but numbers, that Wozniak quit Apple at exactly the perfect life path moment.  How do we know this? Because his 365 Pin Code Numbers tell us so! Don’t believe us? Please read on…

Why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985? Most widely accepted reason is…

The reason most often given for Steve Wozniak’s leaving Apple, is due to his having a diminishing interest in the day-to-day running of Apple Computers and as you will learn shortly, he and Steve Jobs had very different core values. There is so much more to this though and as we systematically unpack his 365 Pin Code you will learn that his exiting Apple perfectly coincided with his most profound karmic lesson. Also, Wozniak could not optimally in a creatively constrained, cost-cutting driven environment which had had the fun sucked out of it as a result of the competitive drive for market dominance and industry glory. Though permanently leaving Apple in 1985, Wozniak chose to never remove himself from the official employee list and continues to represent the company at events or in interviews. For this he still receives a small monthly sum (a goodwill retainer if you will). So, if you want to be pedantically correct, Wozniak never left Apple, and he is still an Apple shareholder.

Wozniak said Jobs and his team built weak and lousy computers

In a 2013 interview, Wozniak made no bones about the fact that his and Jobs relationship was “not what it was” and said that the original Macintosh had “failed” under Steve Jobs, and that it was not until Jobs left (coincidentally also in 1985) that it became a success. That Steve Jobs liked to call Wozniak’s Lisa team “idiots for making the too expensive” irked him a great deal. Lisa is a desktop computer developed by Apple, released on January 19, 1983. It is one of the first personal computers to present a graphical user interface (GUI) in a machine aimed at individual business users. To compete with the Lisa, Jobs and his new team produced a cheaper computer, one that, according to Wozniak, was weak, lousy and still high priced. “Jobs made it by cutting the RAM down, by forcing you to swap disks here and there”, says Wozniak. He attributed the eventual success of the Macintosh to people like Apple CEO John Sculley “who worked to build a Macintosh market when the Apple II went away.”

Why was Jobs worth billions when he died and Steve Wozniak who is still alive, is not?

Steve Wozniak has amassed an amazing $100 million net worth in his life. We were surprised to discover that he is worth so much less than the late Steve Jobs. Wozniak has a unique perspective on money with an interesting story behind it that is well worth sharing. He started building his net worth in his parents’ garage when he co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs. He was not only co-owner, but he was also a brilliant computer and software designer. He left Apple in 1985 with no regrets. Wozniak doesn’t have a long portfolio of big business investments, other than his association with Apple. He didn’t feel the need to push for higher returns from the company. When he had done what he needed to do, he parted company to pursue his greater passions in life.

Wozniak was disappointed when Jobs refused to give workers company stock options

When Jobs passed away in 2011, he was worth an estimated $10 billion. Wozniak had never quite achieved this amount, but there are no hard feelings about it. Had Wozniak embraced the same values about money as his partner, he would no doubt have been neck-and-neck with him in the financial arena. Prior to his partner’s passing, Wozniak was disappointed when Jobs refused to give workers in the company stock options, so he did something about it. Wozniak took out $10 million of his own and saw to it that they got what he thought was fair. He’s a philanthropist who has been generous with his own money and has given funding to a variety of worthy causes. Since 1990, this has been an important part of his life. Wozniak sold a lot of his stock in Apple, offering it to employees on the cheap. He’s spent a lot of his own fortune on things he values and at the end of the day, he’s not the richest man in the world, but he certainly is doing very well. Perhaps for Steve Wozniak, success comes from making the world a better place for everyone…

Back to unpacking Wozniak’s numerology around 1985 and his important 365 Pin Code Numbers…

365 Pin Code Inclusion Chart for Stephen Gary Wozniak

365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Business, Apple Case Study, Why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985

Steve Wozniak has two karmic lessons (numbers 3 and 4)

This full birth name analysis chart for Stephen Gary Wozniak reveals a few very interesting things. Firstly, the numbers 3 (linked with letters C, L, U) and 4 (linked with letters D, M, V) are entirely absent from his name. That’s why they score 0% in the above chart and are therefore denoted (in RED) as being his two Karmic or Key Life Lessons. In Steve Wozniak’s 365 Pin Code Birth analysis (see Table below), the Number 3 appears (Red arrow) as his Shadow / Emotional Career Number. This therefore dilutes or lessens the impact of his Number 3 karmic lesson. It also shows where this karmic lesson (No 3 = creativity, communication, imagination, self-expression, fun, joy, happiness, social etc.) will express itself most in his life (emotional career or Shadow World No 3).

Coincidentally, Steve Wozniak’s Primary Expression Number is 93//12//3 so his No 3 karmic lesson will also impact much on this very important number. The upshot of this is, if how he expresses himself (creative communication) is restricted, contained or limited, he will get very frustrated and choose to pack and leave rather than endure a “creatively constricted” environment. Guaranteed, that’s what Steve Jobs never understood about him! Given the question being covered in this research, being, why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985, you must now be connecting some of the dots, but wait, it gets so much better…

365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Business, Apple Case Study,

The Number 4 is by far Wozniak’s most important karmic lesson

In the table below you will notice that the Number 4 appears nowhere within his 365 Pin Code number column. What this tells us is that the Number 4 (values, reliable, justice, fairness, hard work, focus, persistence, order, structure, discipline, systems, practicality, no short cuts ever etc.) is entirely absent from both his full birth name and date of birth. Therefore, of his two karmic lessons, it is by far the most important one, and as such, when it presents itself experience wise along his life path, much will happen guaranteed.

365 Pin Code Birth Chart Numbers for Steve Wozniak born 11th August 1950

365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Business, Apple Case Study, Why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985

Below is a complex data table which reveals unique lines of annual experiential coding. This table belongs to Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak. It is constructed using a complex predictive numerology model (see Futurist Numerology, wholly unique to 365 Pin Code) which uses many critically important numbers sourced directly from Wozniak’s Date of Birth [DOB], Full Birth Name [FBN] and Other Data Sources [ODS]. The model delivers lines of critically important code (driven by Annual Experience Numbers; AENs) in 4D (Personal Physical; Personal Emotional; Professional Physical; Professional Emotional]. As per the results from our exhaustive Numerology Research these lines of code have been proven again and again to be bulls-eye accurate.

Now, with regards to why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985, what does his bespoke line of code look like for 1985?

365 Pin Code Predictive Model Table of Annual Experience Numbers (AENs) for Stephen Gary Wozniak born 11th August 1950

365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Business, Apple Case Study, Why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985

What AEN is in play in 1985, the year Wozniak left Apple?

Look carefully at his line of code for 1985… The LARGE RED 4 in his 1985 line of code, tells all. Steve Wozniak’s 1985 Annual Experience Number is the number 4; this links or synchronises perfectly with his most significant karmic or key life lesson! The 4’s circled in black clearly indicate that 1984 and 1985 were coded to be a two-year karmic 4 experience / lesson for Wozniak, with 1985 being the year which would provide the culmination experience (hence the two red blocks linking the double 4’s). And folks, that’s why Steve Wozniak quit or exited Apple in 1985. It was not a random event, his exiting Apple the way he did, and when he did, was in fact hardcoded into his numbers from the moment he was born! Remember earlier we mentioned that that he and Steve Jobs had very different value systems? Well the number 4 deals with values and that’s why 1985 was the year it went bang, and he decided to pursue his own interests. It was always in his numbers!

And, if you don’t believe us, let’s take all this another giant step further numerology proof wise…

365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Business, Apple Case Study, Why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985

What happened in 1981, the year his No6 AEN appears only once and what does this tell us?

If you look at the line code for 1981, you will see the RED No 6, in the light blue column. The red number above it is a 3 and the red number below it is a 5. It is therefore if you will, sandwiched between, these two numbers, occurring only once. This will immediately attract the attention of a very astute, strategically inclined, numerically astute, numerologist. Why? Because Wozniak’s AEN No 6 occurs only once (i.e. whatever his 1981 experience was “coded to be”, it would be massively intense, being concentrated into just the one year, and not spread or diluted over a few years). Next, the skilled professional numerologist would seek to understand where the Number 6 presents itself within his birth chart. Why? Because that’s the sure-fire give away as to where this experience would impact most in Wozniak’s world. If you return to his 365 Pin Code Birth Chart Table above, you will notice that his World or Career Number is a 6 [Birth YYYY; 1950 = 1+9+5+0 = 15 = 1+5 = 6; 1950//15//6]. Therefore, his 1981, No 6 driven experience would impact most on his career.

Let’s see if this 365 Pin Code Numerology interpretation of Wozniak’s chart is accurate…

February 7, 1981: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is involved in a serious plane crash, resulting in his first lengthy leave of absence from the company. At the time, Wozniak is flying a turbocharged single-engine, six-seat Beechcraft Bonanza A36TC. In the plane with Woz is his fiancé, Candi Clark, her brother and her brother’s girlfriend. Fortunately, nobody dies in the crash, although Woz suffers minor head injuries. Coming just months after Apple’s IPO, in which Wozniak’s stake in Apple earned him $116 million, the crash occurred during a time of extreme change in Woz’s life. He was watching Apple grow bigger than he’d ever imagined — and change in ways he wasn’t completely happy about. In terms of his personal life, he had just divorced his first wife. Woz then started dating Clark, a secretary at Apple. For their first date, he took her to see a science fiction movie at a theater he bought with some of his IPO money. The pair quickly planned to get married. Wozniak decided to fly them to see Clark’s uncle, who offered to design her a custom wedding ring. With Woz, who had only flown for 50 hours at the time, at the controls, the plane climbed too abruptly. Then the aircraft stalled and careened through two fences into the car park of a skating rink. Woz later said he thought Candi might have accidentally leaned on the controls. Woz wound up in the hospital, suffering from amnesia. He spent much of his recovery time playing videogames and convincing his old Homebrew Computer Club friend, Dan Sokol, to smuggle in pizza and milkshakes. He didn’t immediately go back to Apple. This turned out to be the beginning of Woz extricating himself from his full-time role at Apple. When he wound up going back to Apple in 1983, he stayed for just two more years — growing increasingly frustrated by the lack of focus placed on the Apple II division — before leaving in 1985.

This proves to you that the personalised lines of code generated by our 365 Pin Code Predictive Model are bulls-eye accurate!

Conclusion: Why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985?

Because, as we have just proven to you, it was always in his numbers and so all he had to do, was to execute what was already there!

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Worst Decision Ever in the History of Apple

The Worst Decision Ever in the History of Apple

Hold on to your hats as we unpack the worst decision ever in the history of Apple. After reading this detail-rich research article on Ronald Gerald Wayne born on the 17th of May 1934, if you don’t feel nauseous, you’re simply not human. Moreover, this work will hopefully awaken within you the importance of knowing what your karmic or key life lessons are and when (i.e. during which years) they will be presenting themselves. It also highlights why you should not ever actively avoid or side-step these challenging times, because this will only ever end up with you calling much unnecessary loss to yourself.

The Worst Decision Ever in the History of Apple was made by Ronald Wayne

In 1976, Ronald Wayne built the internal corporate documentation systems at the three-year-old Atari, where he met coworkers Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. To help settle one of their typical intense discussions about the design of computers and the future of the industry, Wayne invited the two to his home to facilitate and advise them. In the ensuing two-hour conversation about technology and business, Jobs proposed the founding of a computer company led by him and Wozniak. Those two would each hold a 45% stake so that Wayne could receive a 10% stake to act as a tie-breaker in their decisions. As the venture’s self-described “adult in the room” at age 41, Wayne wrote a partnership agreement and the three founded Apple Computer on April 1, 1976. Wayne illustrated the first Apple logo and wrote the Apple I manual.

He got in on the ground floor but tragically crashed out early

Ronald Wayne was in on the ground floor of what is now the world’s richest company but cashed out early, missing out on a massive financial windfall. A self-taught computer engineer, Wayne had already been burned by start-ups in the past. Add to that, he felt the mercurial behaviour of one of his young partners was cause for concern. “Wozniak, anyone can get along with,” he said. “I would have had difficulties getting along with Jobs. I could see that from the beginning.”

“Your first projects aren’t the greatest things in the world, and they may have no money value, they may go nowhere, but that is how you learn – you put so much effort into making something right if it is for yourself.” Steve Wozniak

On April 12, 1976, just eleven days after helping to found Apple, Wayne returned to the Santa Clara Country courthouse and filed a “Statement of Withdrawal,” which would alter the course of his life forever. “Wayne shall hereafter cease to function in the status of ‘Partner,’” the document read, noting that Wayne had received $800 from Jobs and Wozniak for relinquishing his 10 percent stake. As far as anyone knows, he never owned a single share of Apple Computer again.

“They all understood why I took my name off the contract,” Wayne said. “There was no dispute about it, there was no antagonism.” In 2018, Apple became the first company with a $1 trillion valuation. If Wayne had held on to his 10 per cent stake in the company, as at the end of 2019 he’d have been worth nearly $94 billion, a net worth that rivals some of the world’s wealthiest people. He walked away from what would become one of the biggest fortunes in the history of capitalism, yet ironically, if you’re looking for an ounce of regret in Wayne, you won’t find it, he simply says “It is what it is.”

365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Business, Apple Case Study, the Worst Decision Ever in the History of Apple

Had Ronald Wayne understood his 365 Pin Code he could have done things differently!

When you dig deep into this 365 Pin Code (as we’re about to do) you will understand why his quitting Apple was by far the very worst thing he could have ever done life path wise. Thing is, when he quit, he was smack bang in the middle of a Number 2 Karmic or Key Life Lesson. Understand this: when you’re in a karmic lesson, you need to suck up the pain, internalise the critically important learnings and grow yourself through all the discomfort. When you do this, upon release from your karmic lesson, the glistening sandy shores of a gorgeously abundant tropical island await you. Success is yours, just reward for persistence and endurance. However, if you “tap-out” during your karmic lesson period, if you do not honour that key part of your life’s contractual agreement which you signed up to experience, then the upshot of this is always tremendous loss and disaster.

“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” Denis Waitley

Granted, Ronald Wayne would not have known this because back then, simply because in 1976 he could not tap into the strategic genius of Applied Numerology and Futurist Numerology. Why? Because it didn’t exist, well at least not in the numerically enlightening way it does now, with and through 365 Pin Code.

How is this Ronald Wayne shareholder case study of relevance to you?

How would you feel if due to ignorance, you missed out on a business opportunity that could have made you millions or even billions of dollars? Gutted to say the least. That’s why we’re publishing this research article, connecting you, both intellectually and emotionally, with the worst decision ever in the history of Apple and hopefully enlightening you as to why you need to understand what your karmic lessons are, and, most importantly, when they will be presenting themselves along your life path’s timeline.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” Steve Jobs

What follows is 365 Pin Code Numerology intelligence which using nothing other than Ronald Wayne’s core numbers, proves the enormity of his quitting his No 2 karmic lesson. Something else which will no doubt intrigue you much is that when we apply our Relationship Numerology Model (these results are shown lower down) to his and Steve Jobs’ relationship, it clearly reveals that Steve Jobs (the one who he “simply could not get on with long-term”) was ingeniously coded to be his greatest ever teacher. Ronald Wayne’s lesson was to find an intelligent, practical way to cooperatively, collaboratively and harmoniously work with the very difficult, temperamental and challenging Steve Jobs and to peacefully and diplomatically support him from behind the scenes. Teamwork, cooperation, collaboration, harmony, peace, diplomacy and supporting from behind the scenes is what the Number 2 Energy does…

Connecting the dots yet in terms of how valuable numerology is for next level strategic thinking and planning? Excellent, let’s start to dig into the 365 Pin Code numbers of Ronald Gerald Wayne.

365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Business, Apple Case Study, the Worst Decision Ever in the History of Apple

365 Pin Code Inclusion Chart for Ronald Gerald Wayne

365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Business, Apple Case Study, the Worst Decision Ever in the History of Apple

The above chart shows that Ronald Gerald Wayne has TWO karmic or key life lessons. These are linked to the Number 2 and the Number 8. As his 365 Pin Code Birth Chart (immediately below; see the BOLD WHITE numbers only) reveals, he has the Number 8 twice (yellow and green arrows) in his birth chart, which, to some degree helps to offset, reduce, dilute the intensity of his Number 8 karmic lesson. His full birth name totals 80 [80 = 8+0 = 8; 80//8] which means that his Primary Expression Number (how he will most naturally express himself into this world of ours) is also the Number 8. This further dilutes the karmic impact of his number 8 lesson. Only very experienced, detail-driven numerically astute numerologists would know to look for this; to interrogate multiple charts in order to ascertain whether karmic lesson dilution factors exist or not.

Here’s why his No 2 Karmic Lesson trumps his Number 8 Karmic Lesson

Now, with regards to his Number 2 karmic lesson, note that nowhere in his Birth Chart (again, see chart immediately below; BOLD WHITE numbers only!) does the number 2 appear. This means that his number 2 karmic lesson carries much more significance, self-awareness and personal development wise, than does his number 8 karmic lesson.

Now, lets begin to connect the dots strategically in terms of the numbers 2 and 8 in his life. Given the above, his number 2 karmic lesson trumps his number 8 by a country mile. The number 8 deals with money, wealth, power, business, status, organising, leading others etc. The number 2 deals with cooperation, collaboration, peace, harmony, teamwork, diplomacy, support, nurturing etc. Therefore, given their hierarchy in his 365 Pin Code Numerology, with 2 being much more heavily weighted karma wise, than is 8, we can intelligently deduce that only if Ronald Wayne gets his number 2 karmic lesson right, will his number 8 karmic lesson happen. Not the other way around.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” Steve Jobs

Also, understand this: his two karmic lessons are not independent of each other, they are in fact linked or bound to each other, one impacting on the other with his number 2 providing the lion’s share of the karmic impact. Much numerology and inclusion chart research we’ve done over the years has revealed that many billionaires have the number 8 as a karmic lesson. That’s why they make a fortune, lose a fortune, make another fortune and lose it all again, repeating this cycle until they learn how to intelligently keep the money and balance the material and spiritual sides of the number 8, which when placed on its side, gives the infinity symbol, ∞… So, if only Ronald Wayne had honoured his number 2 karmic lesson, as delivered through Steve Jobs, he would have been a billionaire many times over… Go figure!

365 Pin Code Birth Chart for Ronald Gerald Wayne born 17th May 1934

365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Business, Apple Case Study, the Worst Decision Ever in the History of Apple

The final piece of this worst decision ever in the history of Apple puzzle, is to reveal to you how we know that the Number 2 (his primary karmic lesson!) was in play during 1976, when he quit Apple. Below is a data table which reveals unique lines of annual experiential coding (the LARGE RED numbers). This table belongs to none other than Apple co-founder Ronald Gerald Wayne. It is constructed using a complex predictive numerology model wholly unique to 365 Pin Code, which uses many critically important numbers sourced directly from his Date of Birth (DOB), Full Birth Name (FBN) and Other Data Sources (ODS). The model delivers lines of code (what we at 365 Pin Code call Annual Experience Numbers or AENs) which read like the pages of a story book. It always all there, in the numbers!

365 Pin Code Annual Experience Numbers (AENs) tell all…

Our exhaustive research into AENs has proven that what our model produces coding wise, is bulls-eye accurate. Take for example the 2019 Japan Rugby World Cup; a case study in point. Everyone thought the mighty All Blacks would win it again. We analysed their coach and captain’s numbers and their numbers revealed this would not be the case! Well before the knock-out game stage of RWC2019 we accurately predicted a South Africa vs England final and given how incredibly magical the 2019 numbers of Springbok coach [Rassie Erasmus] were, we tipped the Boks to pull off the Win in the Final, and they did exactly this! When accurately constructed and correctly interpreted, the numbers never lie. Neither will yours, that’s why you need to understand them!

365 Pin Code Table of Annual Experience Numbers for Ronald Gerald Wayne

365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Business, Apple Case Study, the Worst Decision Ever in the History of Apple

And this is where the magic happens. This is what makes what we do at 365 Pin Code light years beyond other numerology work. In the above table, if you study the second column (RED numbers!) from the left, and scan down, from 1968 all the way through to 1984, you will see the Number 2 occurs only twice in 1975 and in 1976. The string of RED numbers are Ronald Wayne’s 365 Pin Code Annual Experience Numbers (AENs) – these numbers provide strategic insight into what the dominant theme of a given year will be. Those two years, as per his life path’s mathematically intelligent coding, were delivering his Number 2 karmic lesson. They were asking him to suck up the pain, internalise the critically important learnings and grow him through all the discomfort. They were asking him to rise above the challenges posed by Steve Jobs and to work with him and support him no matter what. He did not do this. He quit and the price he paid for this was to literally kiss away billions of dollars. Had he stayed, had he persisted, these billions would have been his, just reward for honouring his karmic lesson. Ronald Wayne may be on record as saying that none of it matters, but in actual fact it does, it matters a lot, thing is he just does not know better… Now you do… Hopefully you’re not going to make the same mistakes he did.

We mentioned earlier that we’d reveal to you, using 365 Pin Code Relationship Numerology why Steve Jobs was Ronald Wayne’s greatest teacher. Here it is…

365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Business, Apple Case Study,

365 Pin Code Co-Joined Relationship Numerology Chart for Ronald Wayne and Steve Jobs

365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Business, Apple Case Study, Numerology of Steve Jobs pancreatic cancer, the Worst Decision in the History of Apple

As we work through this section, please keep in mind that Ronald Wayne’s primary karmic lesson is linked with Number 2 Energy… Now, Steve Jobs was born in the month of February. Therefore, his Family of Intimate Number carries the Number 2 Energy. Steve Jobs was born in the YY 1995 [1955 = 1+9+5+5 = 20 = 2+0 = 2; 20//2]; therefore, his World / Career Number also carries the Number 2 Energy. Ronald Wayne’s raw data life path number totals 1956 [DD+MM+YYYY = 17+8+1934 = 1956]. Steve Jobs’ raw data life path number totals 1981 [DD+MM+YYYY = 24+2+1955 = 1981]. Add their lifepaths together, which is core to what we do when applying the principles of Co-Joined Numerology and what do you get? 3937 [1956 + 1981 = 3937] – see the green and yellow arrow in the chart below. Now, break this co-joined raw data life path number down into a meaningful numerology sequence: 3937 = 3+9+3+7 = 22 (see the TWO 2’s? Making the connection now as to why Steve Jobs was his greatest teacher?). The Number 22 is linked with The Master Builder energy (Sir Richard Branson has a No22 life path, so too does Donald Trump, so too does Meghan Markle, so too does South Africa’s most disgraced CEO ever, Markus Jooste whose corrupt ways brought about the 2017 collapse of retail giant Steinhoff International). Goes to show. The Number 22 brings with the opportunity to do something huge, for many, but the secret is, this has to be done in a way which aligns with and to what the Number 2 stands for (peace, harmony, support, teamwork, helping others, diplomacy, cooperation, collaboration etc. – female energy traits!). And, if you look for the pink and yellow arrow below, you will see that the two of them also have the number 2 playing itself out in the Co-Joined Shadow (i.e. emotional) Family Numerology space.

365 Pin Code Co-Joined Relationship Numerology Chart for Wayne and Jobs

And that’s why You Must understand Your 365 Pin Code…

And there ends this Business Numerology lesson on the importance of knowing what your karmic or key life lessons are and when (i.e. during which years) they will be presenting themselves. It also highlights why you should not ever actively avoid or side-step these challenging times, because this will only ever end up with you calling much unnecessary loss to yourself. Hopefully you’ve learned a lot from reading this piece of research into the worst decision ever in the history of Apple. Thing is, how are you going to apply what you have just learned?

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