Meet Suzanne Styles

Suzanne is a Numerologist, an ICF accredited Master Coach, NLP accredited Master Coach and internationally accredited Thinking Into Results corporate success facilitator.

She has spoken at a number of events, written a number books, is an award-winning and best-selling author and from 2012 to 2015 she hosted her own life and business success talk radio show. In 2015 when she turned 50, Suzanne wrote a series of 25 articles sharing her story – a no holds barred account of her life; from becoming a parent to her half-brother just before her eighth birthday to losing millions when she was 47. Sharing her insights and lessons from poverty, to riches, to poverty and starting over. Her work and insights have been featured on more than 30 different television, radio, print and on-line media channels

Here are 9 things Suzanne is brilliant at…

  • Loves the big picture and is all about the why, as without the why there can be no how

  • Connects / reconnects you to your unique big picture (the why) and its personal symbolism

  • Helps you elucidate what your most natural talents are and how to use them in everyday life

  • Gets you thinking critically about how your talents and desires will make you good money

  • Shows you how to cleverly differentiate yourself such that what you are doing is in demand

  • Guides you on how to package what you do and how you do it, for superb industry impact

  • Teaches you how to create your bespoke success framework populated with key activities

  • Mentors you through the seasonal cyclicity of life and business – all the ups and all the downs

  • Magically simplifies things so you’re intelligently working toward what you really want most

What significant events helped shape Suzanne?

She learned to work hard from a very young age. There were some days when as a family, they had no food, so she could either sit at home hungry and miserable, or get out and go find some work, be productive and contribute to the household. So, at age 8 she began to work part-time. Her very first job [no coincidence that it had to do with planning, organising and executing – three things she absolutely excels at] was organizing the paper delivery rounds for the boys in the English village she lived in. By age 13 she had her first little buying and selling project, a fun business which would teach her many wonderful lessons, lessons which later in life would help her to build a very profitable, niched, all-women business in what back then [early 2000’s] was a very male dominated industry. Six years later, when the business was at its high point, she would sell part of it to a listed South African media entity – generating a financial result which she’d never envisaged happening, let alone ever thought possible given her tough life as a young child. Then, in 2011 total and complete disaster struck. She and Chris (her husband who by then who had left the corporate world) invested heavily in a teaching project which failed dismally. By 2012 they had lost it all – the large house in a very exclusive estate, the cars, the paintings, the jewellery, the investments, the cash – everything – all gone. By mid-2013 circumstances were so dire that she, Chris and their 2 small dogs and 2 young cats, were forced to move in with family. For the next 20 months lived in a tiny (a mere 16m²), dilapidated maid’s room, and from here, against all the odds, they managed to successfully rebuild their lives.

Says Suzanne: “I am very grateful for these tough times, especially early on as they instilled in me a wonderful work ethic, a sunny personality and a results focused approach to life – personally and professionally. I have found that life is so much easier to deal with when you see the world as being your friend, as being opportunity rich, as being your oyster. That’s why I just love the quote by Dr Wayne Dyer which teaches “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Another one of my favourite quotes is from Napoleon Hill who reminds us that “Ideas are transmuted into cash through the power of definite purpose, plus definite plans.” When Chris and I lost it all we could have taken the easy road and just packed it all in and set about finding good positions for ourselves again in corporates. But this was not an option. Giving up and settling long-term for something much less than we had envisaged, was not part of the powerful vision we had for our lives. And so instead we chose to do whatever it took to keep going; we chose not to give up on our most precious collective dreams and we’re so glad we didn’t because look where we are today. In spite of all the tremendous disappointment, nastiness from others and extreme adversity, look at what we have learned and look at what we have now created in the way of 365 Pin Code. There’s nothing like it out there and so we are living proof that adversity brings opportunity – but you’ve got to want to discover it and be prepared to pay the price until you’ve found it.

What sets me apart from others is that I do not have a formal university business education, nor for that matter do I have an MBA. What I do have is practical, hands-on experience around how to build large successful businesses, real experience gained in the trenches and not theory gleaned from books and classrooms. Does this make me and my approach unconventional? You be it does and that’s my unique value proposition to you. So, if you’re frustrated with conventional approaches only ever delivering incremental performance gains to you and if you’ve arrived at that point where you can’t try any harder; then it’s time to get uncomfortable. It’s time to ignore conventional approaches, to focus on ends rather than means, to think beyond what common sense will allow and to choose a new set of risks. You have to learn how to think unconventionally, plan unconventionally and do unconventional things so that you will receive what to others will be unconventional results – and I will teach you how to do this because I’ve done things this way all my life.”

Suzanne who is now in her fifties, has savoured the pinnacles of professional success and experienced the depths of personal despair. She’s been there and done that and being ever practical, she knows what attracts success and what doesn’t!


Suzanne Styles

Five things about Suzanne that you wouldn’t know:

  • She is left-handed… But she switches the racket from hand to hand when playing racket games…

  • At age 11 she auditioned for a scholarship to attend The Royal Academy of Music in London. She won and was accepted in to the Academy. However, family circumstances did not allow her to accept this scholarship and pursue her musical dream. This devastated her back then, however it made her a much stronger person long-term.

  • In 1997 she was appointed as South Africa’s first ever female director of a corporate company in the large and very competitive, Out-Of-Home industry.

  • As a single parent she built a US$ 50million women-only media business which specialized in airport advertising and sold it at its high point to a listed company. As you can gather, she is passionate about guiding women to business success in highly competitive business environments.

  • Together with her husband Chris, she co-presented South Africa’s only dedicated weekly life and business success talk radio show (‘The Success Show’) and did so for three and a half years. She podcast every radio show so that entrepreneurs who don’t have the financial means to work with great coaches, can download them, listen to them and apply what is teach. In just the first 18 months their show received over 100,000 downloads [and more than 250,000 downloads during its time on air] which proves how eager people are to learn.