Chris Styles

Meet Chris Styles

Clinically diagnosed with Aspergers and High Functioning Autism (HFA)

In 2022, after having moved from South Africa to England, Chris Styles was tested by Elaine Nicholson. She is one of the UK’s leading experts on Aspergers and has been awarded an MBE for her ground-breaking work in this field. Her initial findings led to a more thorough professional clinical assessment of Chris. The clinical findings were that he has Aspergers and though he scores high on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) scale, he is nonetheless a High Functioning Autistic (HFA) adult. The pinnacle of his Retail Banking corporate sector career which started in 2000 and ended in 2010, saw him serving on a Divisional Exco as GM Sales and Execution. This proves that despite his having Aspergers and a high ASD score, he can perform under tremendous pressure, even holding down a high-level executive management role.

Chris sees the world through a very different set of lenses…

This clinical psychology diagnosis helped clarify everything. It explained why he sees and experiences the world as he does, which is through a very different set of lenses and senses. Chris loves the detail in research, is obsessed with numerical patterns and universal interconnectedness, and makes sense of his human experiences through a matrix style ‘numerical cocktail’ grid. His love of research explains why he obtained a M.Sc. cum laude in Zoological Ecology. He speaks with extreme fondness of the years he spent in the African bush of Botswana and Kruger National Park, researching elephants, mopane tree woodland and edible caterpillars (‘mopane worms’).

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He makes sense of life through analysing and understanding numerical cocktails…

What on earth does this mean? Chris’ massively enquiring mind causes him to question literally everything. Now in his fifties, Chris’ greatest love is to explore the infinitely complex set of mechanics around why life works as it does. He is always puzzling away at “Why did this ‘human experience’ happen as it did, when it did, and what do I need to learn from it?” In early 2009, at age 40, extensive lower back surgery triggered a dreadful post operative nervous breakdown. In 2010, he quit his high-flying corporate career and began trying to piece together why his life had shaped (the good, the bad, the ugly) as it had. A book he read in 2017 written by a Princeton educated mathematician sparked an idea in his mind that we humans are a grand organised design assembled as a mathematical expression of Supreme Intelligence. And with this, an extreme research journey began!

The discovery of the human Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint [IMB]

Thousands of hours of test and learn research, complex chart building, and reverse engineering coupled with careful analytics led Chris to the conclusion that every human has an Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint [IMB]. Simplistically, an IMB is a brilliantly crafted experiential matrix laid that is down at birth. His IMB research proves that we humans need to seriously rethink the notion that our lives are a random set of experiences and begs the question “Who or What is behind the creation of all our IMBs?”. The upshot of this investigative work led to Chris developing a highly accurate predictive mathematical model which can now describe an individual’s life journey in 8D using numbers and number sequences.

Chris Styles brands himself a Human Futurist

Chris’ IMB work led to his coining the terms “Human Futurology” and “Human Futurist”. Human futurology research is an evidence-led scientific approach designed to help people understand what the future could have in store for them. Within every IMB exist moments that are coded with opportunity-rich number sequences (the positive ‘protagonistic years’) and moments that reveal high-risk (the negative ‘antagonistic years’). Knowing when these moments present (which is possible through IMBs) allows people to proactively plan around intelligently managing the seasonality (summer, autumn, winter, spring) of life. Having built and analysed thousands of charts over the years, Chris has volumes of research which he hopes to write up for his PhD through a human sciences institute at a leading international university. Chris and Suzanne Styles (his wife and business partner) are now looking at how they can turn this IMB research work into a business that provides new strategic people management intelligence to businesses.

Five things about Chris that you wouldn’t know:

  • He is left-handed… But he plays golf right-handed…

  • He is a trained wildlife ecologist who did his Masters (M.Sc.) degree on elephants in Botswana. He loves using the principles of ecology, various animal and plant success strategies and circulatory systems thinking, to help you find innovative ways to intentionally create even more success.

  • At age 25 (in 1994), he was the youngest ever South African environmentalist to deliver a keynote address on Human-Elephant Conflict and ways to resolve it, at the House of Lords in London, UK.

  • For just over a decade he enjoyed a great corporate career [mostly as the GM leading large national sales and service teams] in the Financial Services Industry but there was just so much more to do with his life and so that’s what he did – because his greatest loves are to learn, to write, to research, to teach and to travel.

  • He has written [and ghost-written for others…] a number of life and business success books and is a contributing author to what has been one of SA’s most successful youth leadership books.