Meet Chris Styles

Chris has a M.Sc. degree (cum laude), is a Master Numerologist, an ICF accredited Master Coach, NLP accredited Master Coach, and internationally accredited Thinking Into Results corporate success facilitator.

He has spoken at a number of events, written a number books, is an award-winning and best-selling author and from 2012 to 2015 he co-led a unique life and business success talk radio show. His work and insights have been featured on more than 30 different television, radio, print and on-line media channels.

Here are 9 things Chris is brilliant at…

  • Loves detail and the information richness which detailed analyses provide

  • Understands how to use your numbers for short, medium and long-term strategic planning

  • Uses unique data sets to help you understand why you do what you do (both +ve and -ve)

  • Interprets core data to reveal where significant personal and professional mismatches lie

  • Shows you how to create your very own, never-seen-before, numerical growth plan

  • Uses unique predictive models to reveal your most significant current and future risks

  • Re-Minds you of the importance of sales – i.e. intelligent, responsible and ecological selling

  • Teaches you how to express yourself such that how you communicate, gets real results

  • Gives you astonishing and wholly transformational personal and professional insights

What significant events helped shape Chris?

He was an only child and as a little boy he was so timid that he was genuinely scared of his own shadow. As such, he was bullied terribly for a number of year in Primary School – that was until he learned to stand up for himself. What he learned the hard way, was that the only way to end something you don’t want to experience anymore, is to bravely do what it takes to put an end to it – that, ‘if it is to be, it is up to me’!

And that’s when his ability to lead and win came to the fore. In 1981, his final year of junior school, he was made a prefect and received the Dux Scholar Award for outstanding overall academic achievements. At Senior School he followed on from this, being made a prefect, receiving full colours for public speaking and academics and being part of the Pollak Park Golf Club Men.s A Squad who in 1985 won the provincial scratch league match-play series.

Says Chris: “As a 15 year old, during the those very intense and exhausting 36 hole match play battles on long, tough South African golf courses (and most often against men 2-3x my age) I learned that winning and losing began and ended in the six inches between my ears. When I had my emotions under control and the focus of my mind was laser-like, even though I was just a young lad, I was unbeatable. However, when I got anxious and nervous and doubted myself, my golf game totally disintegrated and try as hard as I may, that’s when I got given serious hidings (8 and 7 being my worst ever match play pasting!). I just love what Dr Joseph Murphy teaches when he writes “When the imagination and will-power are in conflict, are antagonistic, it is always the imagination which wins, without any exception!” What I learned on the golf course and rediscovered many years later in the workplace when mentoring very talented and competent people who were not enjoying the successes they sought, was this: It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you consciously put in to realizing your goal, if you are unable vividly see and feel yourself having it, actually winning and having it to hand, it will somehow find a way to always evade you, to always stay out there and never land in hand. That’s why I now consciously choose to conserve energy, to where I can, work smarter and not harder. And, this explains why I avidly dedicate huge chunks of my time to building uniquely intelligent models, models which help me to better understand circumstances, prevailing energies as well as personal and professional timelines – because some say knowledge is power, but when knowledge is correctly applied, it is lethal.”

Chris Styles

Five things about Chris that you wouldn’t know:

  • He is left-handed… But he plays golf right-handed…

  • He is a trained wildlife ecologist who did his Masters (M.Sc.) degree on elephants in Botswana. He loves using the principles of ecology, various animal and plant success strategies and circulatory systems thinking, to help you find innovative ways to intentionally create even more success.

  • At age 25 (in 1994), he was the youngest ever South African environmentalist to deliver a keynote address on Human-Elephant Conflict and ways to resolve it, at the House of Lords in London, UK.

  • For just over a decade he enjoyed a great corporate career [mostly as the GM leading large national sales and service teams] in the Financial Services Industry but there was just so much more to do with his life and so that’s what he did – because his greatest loves are to learn, to write, to research, to teach and to travel.

  • He has written [and ghost-written for others…] a number of life and business success books and is a contributing author to what has been one of SA’s most successful youth leadership books.