“Give us your key pieces of information, that which we require to run these intelligent and integrated holistic management models, and we’ll probably tell you more about yourself than you know right now. Armed with these past, present and future strategic insights, just think what you will be capable of achieving – just think what a difference you will make!”  – 365 Founders Chris and Suzanne Styles

We believe that every person’s life and business success plan should not be just another vanilla profiled cut-and-paste solution but rather a carefully engineered and highly individualised one. An integrated plan which takes in to account a vast number of uniquely personalised and purpose-driven data points. A homogenised plan which intelligently links this distinctive numerical backbone to the given person’s many unique years of programming, life and work experience, most innate core drivers, highest values and known significant goals.

365 Pin Code is a unique information driven, cross functional series of personalised charts and predictive models which collectively give you a vastly enhanced strategic and tactical awareness about yourself. From this greater awareness, a bespoke risk management framework is created, one which will help foster a much deeper understanding of what was, what is and what lies ahead for you personally and professionally. Then, once your most unique life landscape has been laid out before you, you how will be shown how to make good, balanced decisions and choices [annually, monthly, even daily] against this numerical backbone. This way, you’re always moving deliberately, intentionally, purposefully and most importantly, intelligently, toward what you most desire.


A research driven, practical and enlightening resource centre, which connects you with your unique personal and professional pin codes blueprint. 365 Pin Code links you to your deepest, most precious and magical DNA experiential coding



We are offering you the opportunity to sign up for our 8 Step Process to Your Unique 365 Pin Code Masterplan, an approach which when completed, will give you a clear, practical roadmap as to how to make what you want personally and professionally, happen. This engaging roadmap will also show you timing wise, when it is best for you to take action.


We spend time with you to explain what we do, how we do it and why we do it. Case studies show how numbers tell all when accurately calculated and correctly interpreted.


We then source directly from you (1-on-1), all the critically important data points required for us to run the many different numerical models which we have built.


Once we have all the data to-hand we do all the processing work required to shape the raw data sourced from you, into the many intelligence driven number charts for analysis.


Once the models have been run and your 365 Pin Code calculated, the task of analysing the various number sets begins. Now the unique richness of your numbers emerges.


Your various charts as well as your unique 365 Pin Code are now linked back to key goals, strategies, tactics etc. which are in currently play in your life, personally and professionally.


This is when the magic really happens as this is when what the numbers say, are compared with what you’re currently doing, and with this, your Knowing-Going-Gaps emerge.


Now that your 365 Pin Code has provided an intelligent overarching picture of you, we strategise as a collective, creating a comprehensive masterplan to power you to greater success.


You now understand so much more about yourself, personally and professionally. You have a revised plan to work with and now it’s time busy yourself with doing the required work.


For almost a decade now Suzanne and Chris Styles have coached, mentored, and guided people from many different walks of life, on many different topics. They’ve made it their business to never stop learning, to never stop growing, to never stop thinking critically about their and others’ results and to never stop questioning.

They have attended a huge number of free and paid-for seminars and have studied, worked alongside, and conducted in-depth interviews with a number of the world’s leading authorities in the fields of personal development, self-help and business success. Given this, they have a most thorough understanding of the different personal freedom and success creating models out there. Whilst they acknowledge that in some instances these various life and business success models do work, their caveat is, ‘yes, these models do work for some, some of the time but most definitely not for all, all of the time.’

Their 30-month long talk-radio radio show gave them a tremendous platform through which to interact with many users of these programmes and much to their astonishment what they found, even with some users who month-after-month had diligently applied the success creating recipes they’d bought, was that for many, the expected results were just not forthcoming. Now whilst the counter argument could be lodged that more time, effort, will-power and persistence was needed, the general lack of results and what in business speak would be referred to as ‘low return on investment’, bothered them. The hard and very unpleasant truth of the matter was that in most instances these highly acclaimed [and usually very expensive] success recipes were not living up to expectations; not creating the transformational shifts which buyers had been led to believe they’d receive ‘as long as they did the work required to get them from here to there.’

This rather disappointing feedback led them to question much as they too had had similar experiences. They had conscientiously applied themselves, sometimes for periods of up to 12 months or more, to a number of these top-end or premier success programmes without the expected business / financial / marketing / branding / online etc. benefits being realised.

All this left them feeling very frustrated and given that they are two talented, experienced and competent people who have both enjoyed a great number of successes, this made no sense whatsoever.

After much deliberation and soul searching they concluded this: You cannot just simply think and believe that because a given success recipe worked fabulously for one person who, is gleefully telling their story on stage, that the very same model will give you and everybody else in the room, the same fabulous results.

At the end of 2015 they chose to take a step back from the mainstream world of coaching and self-development as it traditionally exists today, so that they could conduct their own extensive research in to why so many of these supposed success programmes didn’t deliver what the buyers expected from them and what could be done to correct this?

After 24 months of questioning, researching, testing and rigorously interrogating all the various recipes they’d been exposed to during their intensive learning / interviewing cycle they concluded that whilst certain tried and tested life and business success principles are to be respected and honoured, the most important thing to remember is that no two people are alike, and, no two people’s journeys are alike.

Whilst a given success programme may bring with it certain important enlightening knowledge for the user or buyer, it is in the application of this knowledge where it all very much comes apart. That’s why these one-size-fits-all success programmes or recipes do not deliver – because even though they teach you a lot [i.e. they enable THE KNOWING] they do not spend early enough time teaching you how to apply this knowledge daily to get meaningful results [i.e. they disable THE DOING]. It is this inherently poorly managed Knowing-Doing-Gap which breaks and not makes, such programmes!

Chris and Suzanne decided to make the drastic shift from the ‘Working with the Masses’ model [as happens at these large international multi-speaker success seminars or ‘sell-a-thons’ if you will] to ‘Working with the Individual’.

Meet Chris Styles
Meet Suzanne Styles


Our commitment is to provide you with an incredibly deep and thorough understanding of your 365 Pin Code as well as most significant past, present and future events so that this enlightenment can be used by you to power yourself intentionally on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes, toward the results you desire, personally and professionally.

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“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses – only results.” – Kenneth H. Blanchard