Numerology FAQs

We at 365 Pin Code are passionate about helping people to create bespoke personal and professional success strategies which deliver top notch results. Since early 2009 we have been on a very extreme learning and growth journey whose intent was to discover best of breed tools which would consistently perform for our demanding clients. We are of the firm opinion that the ultimate tool for creating a deep understanding of past, present and future is Strategic Numerology. Numerology is the Science of Numbers – Strategic Numerology takes this Science of Numbers and turns it into an Applied Science, a phenomenal tool which when used correctly will help take you places fast!

Strategic Numerology takes Numerology to a whole new level of accuracy

Strategic Numerology as powered through our unique predictive numerically intelligent models unlocks a multi-dimensional understanding which literally blows people’s minds. It is literally light years beyond conventional or traditional numerology as it moves beyond collective numerical groupings (e.g. born on the 1st, you’re a 1; born on the 10th, you’re 1; born on the 19th, you’re a 1; born on the 28th, you’re a 1) into a space which taps directly into the authentic self.

365 Pin Code charts clearly reveal your life’s major events giving you crystal clarity

When we place client’s hardcoded year-on-year data strings before them and explain what each line of code means, their jaws drop in complete amazement and astonishment. There before them lies their life path, expressed with and through numbers, shockingly revealing everything that has happened to them (especially the most extreme, paradigm shaping ones!). If you want to see what these lines of code look like and what they mean and how accurate they are, then delve in to all the research we have published to-date and you see for yourself that your life path is intelligently coded and how it unfolds is not nearly as random as you might like to believe.

365 Pin Code creates giant shifts in consciousness and self-awareness

The moment clients see all these significant experiential events which were intelligently coded into their life path from the moment they were born, their awareness shifts from wondering why life had been so desperately unforgiving to understanding exactly why all this had happened and what its purpose was. Their mindset then moves from that of a frustrated victim of circumstance to one which understands that these events had to be experienced for them to grow and gain a much deeper understanding of how life works. With this shift comes much insightful wisdom and this in turn opens up a path through which they can now serve others well and really make a difference.

Understanding your 365 Pin Code helps you to proactively mitigate risk

Having unlocked their 365 Pin Code, these people can then build new and informed personal and professional success strategies which proactively manage the future risks as revealed within the numbers. Now that you have a greater perspective of how powerful Strategic Numerology really is, let’s help you to get clear on why everything in your world changes when you understand your numbers.

We’re going to do this through Numerology FAQs…

1.     What’s the most important number in my Numerology Chart?

Everyone out there will answer, your life path. And we agree with this in part. However, the extensive research that we have done (by building and carefully analysing thousands of charts) has revealed that this approach severely limits ones thinking about your numerological cocktail and inhibits a much deeper strategic analysis where other very significant numbers come in to play especially as revealed through our year-on-year 365 Pin Code Quadratic View Predictive Chart. Because of this, we have designed our own bespoke 365 Pin Code Birth Chart (see example below) which, aside from the Life Path Number (see TKS-LFP below) factors in a multitude of key personalised data points which are ignored at your peril. Every data point listed below is significant and links with and to the life path, therefore interpreting the life path becomes a much richer and more granular experience when it is considered in conjunction with the wider whole as opposed to being just a single digit driven analysis. This is where we believe many numerologists end up misinterpreting the life path of their client as the life path is not a static experiential line but a sinusoidally dynamically evolving numerical cocktail driven by the interaction of multiple numbers and it should therefore be analysed as such.

1.     How can Numerology help me to improve my life?

Numerology is the fastest way for you tap into your Authentic Self which is not person your parents want you to be, nor the person your friendship circles wants you to be, but the person who finds their own unique niche and creates tremendous overall success within it. By unpacking your numbers and understanding where you core gifts, talents and genius lie, you will soon understand why you are so drastically off-course. Once you are fully connected with this revelation, you can then begin to intelligently create new plans and begin to act upon them. This shift dramatic shift will astonish you as what happens is you move swiftly away from the place you do not want to be (what we call “The Dreary Sea of Sameness”) to the place you desire to be (what we call “The Inspired River of Relevance”). This is what at 365 Pin Code specialise is and so if you are curious as to “How can Numerology help me to improve my life?” then look no further, you’ve arrived at the right place, that’s right, you have found the specialists who know how to help you to understand who you truly are on the inside.

2.     How can Numerology help me to choose the right career?

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At 365 Pin Code we have developed what right now, is the most accurate and sophisticated predictive model, in this specific field of deeper understanding of self. We are the only numerologists who, using your full birth name and date of birth, are able model your external (i.e. work / career) world. Once this has been done, your bespoke career / world numerical profile reveals where your natural talents and abilities lie. This powerful knowledge then intelligently informs the decisions you make around your career.

So, if you are wondering “How can Numerology help me to choose the right career?” then you have found what you were seeking for and there is no need for you to look any further. We’ve helped a vast number of clients who were already established in their careers, to make the huge workplace / career / entrepreneurial shift from doing things which no longer gave them any joy nor a sense of fulfilment, to doing new things which inspired and thrilled them and unlocked a meaningful sense of purpose. And just so that you know, this was not in a random, haphazard, shotgun, hope and pray way, but through a well thought through, planned, step-by-step transition leveraging their information rich 365 Pin Code.

3.     How can Numerology help me to understand my relationship?

This is a tricky question to ask because in order to better understand your relationship with another person (work colleague, boss, husband, lover, parent, sister, brother etc.) you would need to understand your numbers and their numbers too. Only once you have these two sets of charts in front of you, will the reasons for the strife / challenges / anger, make themselves apparent.

The number 9 is a mirror ball, it heals and hurts all at the same time

The most extreme relationships are those where the Number 9 makes itself known. Whilst these intense energy connections do offer up tremendous healing opportunities for both parties, what makes this all the more difficult is because of what the number 9 represents (unconditional love, healing, greater consciousness, closure, forgiveness etc.) these two people will spend most of their relationship presenting mirrors to each other. These are highly emotionally charged mirrors which reveal each other’s shadows (i.e. those dark parts of us which we do not want the world to see). There are also certain number combinations which just do not go well together but you will only know if these exist through building the 365 Pin Code charts.

So, if you are wondering “How can Numerology help me to understand my relationship?” then you need to wonder no further because the answer is a resounding yes; all you have to do is to get us to map both your charts and through our data interpretations, all the reasons why will become very apparent. Not only does this process unlock a much deeper understanding it also provides insights as to what needs to change and how this change can be driven.

4.     How can Numerology help me to improve my business?

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Because everything is energy, it is very important when starting a business to think its name through carefully as each name carries a unique vibration and its always best to have your business name aligned with and to the vibration which you desire to dominate. Here’s a blog article which we published in 2018 around why the name you choose for business is critically important.

If you have an existing business which is creating much struggle in your life and not giving you the gains which you had originally intended, then you’d be doing the right thing by deciding to tap in to your External World (that which encompasses your professional coding). Once your core numbers have been mapped and your professional year-on-year coding deciphered, you will see exactly why the current struggle exists. We have helped a number of clients whose new businesses were either struggling to get off the ground as well as experienced business owners with established businesses which had run into much trouble.

If you want more business, then best you get in flow with your numbers

When their 365 Pin Codes were mapped, they could see why they were struggling as within their intelligently coded data strings lay the much-needed answers. Once the understanding was there, they could then begin to build new plans, plans which would align them to what energies were prevailing in the moment, plans which when executed would bring the much-needed change and improved results. Business owners in general do not understand nor appreciate how much business success flows when you are aligned (think synchronistic alignment) with your natural energies in play at any given moment – its being out of harmony with these that creates failure inducing blockages.

So, if you’ve been asking “How can Numerology help me to improve my business?” then you need to know that it does this through giving you a detailed map which intelligently aligns you with and to your coded life path data. Some business owners we have worked with were initially very sceptical of this approach, thinking that it’s a lot of “woo-woo nonsense” that was until our detailed charts revealed coded events which they could not dispute. It was then that they fully understood how incredibly accurate our professional predictive data models are.

The number 8 is the number which aligns most naturally with business and material matters

In numerology the number most associated with business is the Number 8. Even if you do not have this number in any of your charts, you need to grasp what it represents and then leverage this in order to gain more business. Because we have many years of hands-on corporate and entrepreneurial business experience under our belts, we are able to combine numerology with sound business coaching lessons. This way you get way more than you bargained for. Here’s an example of this, where the number 8 (business) is combined with the Impression of Increase (a business-related approach which everyone ought to know, understand and use!).

1.     How can Numerology help me to plan better?

When numerology is taken beyond what we call idle and inane dinner party chit-chat (e.g. my numerologist says that because I am born on the 1st I am a number 1 energy, which is the natural leader blah blah…) and leveraged properly through a strategic approach, its real value comes to the fore. The work we do at 365 Pin Code is not idle dinner chit-chat and putting people in to numbered buckets, instead, it delivers strategic mathematical model intelligence which takes you places at speed.

One of the greatest gains which numerology provides is it cleverly reveals the seasonality patterns in our lives, something we, due to our being ignorant, are all fundamentally disconnected from. It is this disconnect when understood, that takes personal and professional planning to a different level.

At 365 Pin Code we can drill so deep into your data that you will not only get accurate views which reveal year-on-year coding, but we can also provide you with monthly numerical coding and daily numerical coding. It is this level of detail which differentiates us from all other numerologists out there. So, if you are asking yourself “How can Numerology help me to plan better?” then given what’s been explained above, know this – it helps you to plan everything around your core energy blueprint and this places you in harmony with these energies. The upshot of this is that you are now drastically reducing all the success-related resistance in your life and where resistance is low, abundance flows.

2.     How can Numerology help me to predict my future?

The answer to this question is a simple one; when numerology charts are created by a very experienced and skilled professional, they reveal your year-on-year experiential life path (birth to death) data and within these lines of bespoke code it is possible to see future experiences, especially duality-driven significant ones around numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 22. Using our predictive model, we accurately predicted Meghan Markle’s giving birth to her and Prince Harry’s first child, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor in 2019…

South Africa’s Steinhoff corporate scandal revealed why CEOs ought to be modelled

365 Pin Code Strategic Numerology is so powerful that the data strings definitely provide valuable insights into the future. Take for example what happened around Markus Jooste, the disgraced South African CEO who headed up the Steinhoff scandal which rocked the international business and investor confidence world. Had his charts been mapped and the associated threats revealed early enough, the damage he did could have been significantly reduced. We see a future where those people who wield extreme power like CEO’s will be mapped and closely managed around the identified Pin Code threats, so that they are not able to abuse this power, nor create the chaos and losses which Jooste did.

One piece of research we did around South African axe murderer Henri van Breda led to astonishing discoveries; a replicating series of coded events which had they been known to others, would have raised multiple red flags around this young man and his dark side. Given this, if you are wondering “How can Numerology help me to predict my future?” then your first port of call lies with us at 365 Pin Code. What our predictive models reveal will shed much light on what lies ahead for you and why this is so. Once you have this intelligence at your fingerprints, you can then set plans in to play which will offset these identified future risks.

3.     How can Numerology help me to make more money?

Making money is extremely important as without any money you’re pretty screwed! Making money doing you love to do is the ultimate achievement. Because of this everyone is always trying to find the code which unlocks the answer to how they can make more money doing what they love to do, doing what they’re inherently good at. So, if you are wondering “How can Numerology help me to make more money?” then look no further because through 365 Pin Code intelligence we can show you the easiest and fastest route to great financial success.

It is very important for you to understand that everything is energy, therefore money too is energy and the best way for you make more money is to align what you do work / career wise with your natural energy blueprint. How do you discover your natural blueprint? Through your series of bespoke numerology charts.

Money is shy, it has to be responsibly coaxed in

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Each number in your 365 Pin Code make-up has its own unique vibration. Until you know all your numbers and actively apply this knowledge to what is paying you, you’ll be off-track. As an energy, money is naturally shy and cautious and does not come to you if pursued or chased. Money has to be coaxed in, patiently, intelligently, honourably and all importantly, responsibly. This coaxing in of money becomes possible when you understand who you are and how to apply your gifts. Once you are doing this, when you are delivering a worthwhile service to others in a way which gives you joy and allows money to flow, to you and to others also, that’s when the magic happens.

Making more money happens when you understand how you’re coded

Take for example the karmic debt collection number 13//4. Where this numbers appears, it means that your (the number 1) success reward will come from creatively (the number 3) applying your skills to your work in a structured, organised, disciplined, step-by-step (the number 4) way. Forget about taking shortcuts or signing up for these get-rich-quick schemes. That approach will place you out of harmony with what the number 13 intentioned for you and therefore whenever you stray from the disciplined, methodical approach you will experience tremendous loss.

How can Numerology help me to understand my failures?

Everyone fails at something. If you haven’t failed at anything it’s because you haven’t tried to do something which stretches you so far that you are miles out of your comfort zone. The gift that numerology presents around understanding your past failures, all of them, is that using lines of code, you can go back to these events and see exactly what numbers were in play and why this was so. Then, we unpick what all this represents and work out why you failed at that specific moment in time. When the lid is lifted on this past confusion and you understand why this happened and what you did to make it happen, guess what, you’re not going to make the same mistake again.

The beauty of 365 Pin Code Strategic Numerology is that it can tap into your life on multiple dimensions, two of these being physical and emotional. Failures are locked away within us a Significant Negative Emotional Events and they reside deep within us, festering away, eating us alive from the inside out and causing us at times to behave irrationally even though we don’t know why.

365 Pin Code intelligence drives huge shifts away from pain and on to gain

When you reconnect with this event or series of events there is much emotion that flows and whilst this is good thing, those feeling of distress have to countered with understanding and logic if you are too move forward and let them go. 365 Pin Code charts and codes allow you to analyse where you went wrong and how too and once you see this for what it was, that being nothing more than an extreme learning experience, you are now ready to move on. However, it’s not just moving on that matters, it’s that you understand what happened, why you did what you did, because once you’ve grasped this, you will never make the same mistake again. That’s when pain turns to gain, and Strategic Numerology is one of the most powerful tools around to drive this pain to gain transition.

1.     How can Numerology help me to make better lifestyle choices?

Now this is a very interesting question to answer, because the best lifestyle to have is a balanced one. Yes, we at 365 Pin Code can easily calculate your Balance Number and help you to plan a balanced lifestyle around it, however life and its seasonality is so much more than just one number. What was true in the morning of your life is no longer in the afternoon of your life. As such, if you are only ever working with one known balance number then when changes happen, especially significant lifestyle changes, you have to have more intelligence to work with than merely one data point.

365 Pin Code intelligence shows you how to Maintain a good sense of Balance

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We at 365 Pin Code have developed a brilliant model which goes way beyond having just one Balance Number in play. Yes, your Primary Balance Number (PBN) as calculated from the initials of your Name will always play a major role in helping you to maintain that sense of balance which we all seek in today’s frenetic world. However, when you get to combine your PBN and your hardcoded year-on-year Strategic Balance Insights, that’s when you the magic happens. That’s when you get to create the lifestyle you seek, not through trial and error but through understanding the balance creating energies which are in powerfully play at any given in your moment and aligning yourself with and to them.

Understanding what Balance Numbers are in play every year enables a Balanced Lifestyle

This alignment lowers resistance and whenever resistance is lowered in your life, the result is that you will expend much less energy simply because you’re not fighting against this invisible flow. When you fight against something which is bigger than you then you can only end up getting exhausted. The more exhausted you are the worse your lifestyle becomes. Understanding what energy patterns are in play in your life and placing yourself in harmony with them and honouring what their coded intent is, results in all resistance crumbling and when this happens, your life becomes so much more balanced and therefore easier.

Want a More Balanced Lifestyle? Let us show you How!

So, if you’ve been wondering “How can Numerology help me to make better lifestyle choices?” then the simple answer is, get us to model your key datapoints and we will provide you with a set of balance creating numbers like those listed below. Once you have this intelligence and understand it (that’s where we help you!) you can then design activities which will place you in harmony with these coded sequences and the moment you do this, everything changes, because you shift from rigid resistance to flexible flow. When this happens your sense of balance is naturally restored…